• Adventures are at the center of Myth: Dawn of Heroes. We want players to feel like their heroes are involved with important stories happening in the world of Myth, and our adventures reflect that. Here is a quick overview of what we have in store right now for the core...

  • We are currently in the phase of development where many things are going on but not much of it can be shared publicly. Things like punchboard layout, trade dress revision, and adventure outlines require a lot of work, but it only makes sense to post about them when they’re finished. However,...

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Grant Ellis (@Wisepapagrant) and Robert Adducci (@Raddu76) talk about streaming Torg Eternity and The Dark Eye, as well as what we’re up to in the New Year!

This week Tim and Robert talk about the holiday season, Torg Eternity Cybermonday Cyberpapacy deals and more!

The Ulisses North America Vegas Con

What is Ulisses Con Vegas? Listen to Timothy Brown, Eric Simon, and Robert Adducci as they talk about the upcoming 2021 convention. Have a look!

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