• After we had to revise several announcements and statements regarding the release dates of our products and especially regarding our crowdfunding deliveries shortly after, it’s time to give you a deeper insight into the situation. The pandemic has not only taken a firm grip on our private live

  • Ulisses Worlds news for 4/8/21 Robert and Eric talk about all things Ulisses, plus Myth:Dawn of Heroes Previews!

News for our games. Eric & Robert talk about Ulisses News with some previews of Myth: Dawn of Heroes door and their unique mechanics.

Tim and Robert talk about all things Ulisses including, Torg Eternity, Fading Suns, The Dark Eye, Aventuria, Myth: Dawn of Heroes & Tales of Legend, & Space 1889.


News about all things Ulisses. We share some news and some images of Lucanine sculpts for Myth: Dawn of Heroes and shoutout to Jay Rutley for releasing Caldera.

Robert Adducci talks about what we’ve been up to for the past week and answers some fan questions. We show some Fading Sun images of products that arrived in Waldems.

Ulisses Online Con Monthly

Upcoming Dates

April 23-25th


Players: We’ll open up a Warhorn signups when games are live to signup.

Signup on Warhorn for Ulisses OnlineCon Monthly

GMs: Please register here for games you’d like to run.



Friday evenings will be dedicated primarily to Ulisses panels (to be announced). Games can still be run if that works for you. GMs will choose their virtual platform and then players can signup for the games that work for them.

All times are Pacific/GMT-8

Slot 1 – Friday 5 pm-9pm (Primarily for panels)
Slot 2 – Saturday 8a-12pm
Slot 3 – Saturday 1-5pm
Slot 4 – Saturday 6-10pm
Slot 5 – Sunday 8a-12pm
Slot 6 – Sunday 1-5pm

Join us and chat about our games or watch actual play streams every Tuesday (Torg Eternity) & every Thursday (Fading Suns) at 5:30pm Pacific!

Every Thursday at 9am Pacific let’s talk about all things Ulisses in Ulisses Worlds news.

The 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 2pm join Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg as they talk about Fading Suns on Heretical Musings.

On the right you can find our streaming schedule, which we will update every week. So make a note of the dates. See you on Twitch!

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Hard Facts


Was heißt Crowdfunding bei Ulisses?

Drei Jahre, 20 Crowdfundings, davon alle erfolgreich finanziert und 17 bereits ausgeliefert.

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