Face the Curse!

Face the Curse!

Eleven brave heroes set out to infiltrate Borabarad’s tower and break his curse, but now they are all dead… All except you! As the lone survivor, you must now face the dangers of the tower alone and complete the mission!

The orcs had followed me into the tower. I could hear their throaty voices echoing through the labyrinthine corridors. I didn’t have much time to fulfill my mission! I entered a new room and was greeted by an auspicious gleam coming from the other side of the room. There, I saw a golden miniature on a stone pedestal, almost as if it was waiting for me. I approached the pedestal and looked around carefully. I was unable to decipher the hieroglyphics on the walls—I was the last survivor of our group and our scholar had long since died. This left me with no other choice than taking a direct approach.

I reached for the golden miniature and picked it up. It was surprisingly heavy, and I needed both hands to lift it up and take a closer look. It had the shape of a mage in noble garb, displayed in a proud pose. Was this Borbarad? Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach! Looking down, I noticed the crossbow bolt that had pierced the side of my body, encircled by a rapidly growing red spot in my tunic. The second bolt hit me in the chest and I staggered to the ground. I let go of the statue and it hit the floor with a loud noise. The orcs would surely find me now! But that didn’t matter much, because I could already feel my life force leaving me. The world around me fell into darkness, while I was slowly slipping away.

And so I died for the first time.

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Yours, Christian Lonsing.