Torg Eternity on Virtual Tabletops


How about as easy as possible and with help? Then our official rulesets, corebooks, and modules for virtual tabletops are just right for you and your game sessions. We now support TORG Eternity online game sessions with our digital TORG Eternity rulesets and suitable modules such as rules and adventures.


We have started with the TORG Eternity integration for Foundry VTT, which is presented in more detail below.

What’s Next?

We are of course already working on the next modules and extensions for Foundry VTT . As soon as new content is available, they can be purchased here via our shop. We will announce the publication on our website and on our social media channels.


In addition, we are working on TORG Eternity implementations for Fantasy Grounds and other VTTs.

What is Foundry Virtual Tabletop?

Foundry VTT is a stand-alone application with many functions to help you play tabletop role-playing games online with friends. It is a self-hosted application with features to support live game sessions.

In order to use Foundry VTT , you must first purchase a paid license as Game Master. Players can easily take part in a game session via a browser, but do not need a license themselves to participate. You can find more information about Foundry VTT on the official Foundry VTT website.

Start Here

To play TORG Eternity on Foundry VTT you need is a license for the GM. The game system for TORG Eternity and the official TORG Eternity character sheet are integrated into the Foundry VTT and are freely accessible to everyone with a free install.

This covers the basic mechanics, including combat, but does not include rulebook text. We have also included a short adventure as a free module to get you started. In addition to the free rules, we will also be offering additional fee-based content, such as adventure modules, in the future. These can then be purchased through our shop when available.

Torg Eternity Basic System

Make Yourself Comfortable!


TORG Eternity rules set for Foundry VTT is the digital version of the core rulebook for TORG Eternity. It is available as a module for Foundry VTT when purchased here via our F-Shop. After purchase, you will receive a license key that you can redeem in the Foundry VTT . To use the core rules module, you need the TORG Eternity ruleset on Foundry VTT .

Torg Eternity Modules

Get started with the Torg Eternity Core Rules!


Inside you will find:


• Everything you need to create powerful heroes from any of the cosms, including Core Earth!
• Rules for cinematic combat, thrilling chases, and traversing shifting realities.
• The history of the first 90 days of the Possibility Wars, and maps of the current situation.
• Details for all seven invading cosms, each with its own unique flavor and foes.

This Quickstart is intended as a one hour introduction to the concepts and rules of Torg Eternity. It’s designed to walk both the GM and the players through the rules together, adding layers as it goes. This gives a general feel for gameplay, but there are many more character options and realms to explore in the full game!

With Hostel Takeover  you get a free one-shot adventure created by Torg Eternity designer Darrell Hayhurst, originally published in Delphi Missions: Rising Storm

More Torg Eternity Modules

The Living Land is ruled by High Lord Baruk Kaah and his army of reptilian edeinos. It has taken over both coasts of the United States, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and the mysterious “White Zone” in Canada.


Where the Living Land rules, miraculous spiritual power is available, but technology rusts and fails. Ordinary humans—and even some heroes—regress and become ruled by their primal passions.


There are amazing opportunities scattered among the Living Land‘s perils. The Law of Wonders insures that lost treasures appear in the misty and unexplored jungles. These treasures might have disappeared from Earth long ago or they may be relics from cosms destroyed by the High Lords. Whatever their different origins, they are resurfacing here and now, for adventurers bold enough to discover them!

Venture into the Living Land!


Inside you will find:


  • Full content of the Living Land Sourcebook
  • 45 threats from the Living Land
  • 116 items, including every weapon, piece of gear, miracle, and perk from the Living Land Sourcebook ready for drag and drop, instantly incorporating them into play
  • Every card from the Living Land Drama Deck, ready to play
  • The Living Land GM screen, which can be displayed and hidden at the click of a button
  • Foundry effects for all armor and shields, automatically adjusting armor, toughness, and defense
  • Four maps from the Living Land
  • Foundry lighting effects on select maps
  • Every table and chart from the Living Land sourcebook

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Install the free Torg Eternity game system?

To Install the free game system:

1. Once you have Foundry VTT installed click “Game Systems” on the main screen.
2. Click the “Install System” button on the bottom left of the window.
3. In the text box “Package Name” enter “Torg”
4. Click the “Install” button
5. It will ask if you want to Install Package Dependencies, click “Yes”

How do I create a Torg Eternity campaign in Foundry VTT?

Once the rules and modules and loaded you can create a game:

1. On the main page click “Game Worlds
2. Click “Create World”
3. Fill out the form
a. World Title: Whatever name you want
b. Data path: same as your world title, with “-” instead of spaces, no special characters.
c. Game System: select Torg Eternity
d. Skip Background Image and Next Session for now
e. World Description: Add text for players to read as an intro to the world.
f. Click Create World
4. You should now see the World. Click Launch World.
5. Click Select Player under Join Game Session
a. Select Gamemaster
b. Click the “Join Game Session” button


Go to theFoundry Virtual Table Top website. Login to your account. Open the account profile (click the top right of your name). Select “Premium Content” and enter the key provided by Ulisses. You can then install the module in your Foundry VTT installation using the module browser .


Foundry VTT does not update itself or your modules automatically. Please make sure that you have updated all modules and the system to the latest version. This will help in many cases.


Of course you have the ability to create your own elements in Torg Eternity with Foundry VTT . To do this, you need a little more knowledge of the rules of Torg Eternity and some practice in dealing with Foundry VTT.