Beyond New Frontiers to Lost worlds

Beyond New Frontiers to Lost worlds

Some of you have pledged in the previous New Frontiers on GameOnTabletop. Some missed it, because it wasn’t on Kickstarter and waited for the Late Pledge to be able to get all that. We’re happy to present to you, the Lost Worlds – Booster Crowdfunding!

In this campaign that will start July 07 on Kickstarter, where New Frontiers is available for those who missed it and previous backers can add-on an additional book which fits perfectly into the New Frontiers theme. Lost Worlds will provide exciting new information on several planets that have existed in isolation since the Fall. Gear up with your friends and set off to rediscover these mysterious planets.

This crowdfunding is the ideal starting place if you’re new to this game and ask yourself:


What is Fading Suns?

Fading Suns is primarily a science fiction game, which means that there are starships, blasters, powered armor, alien races, and weird science. But there are also many elements of traditional fantasy gaming: heroic characters and struggles, a feudal sociopolitical structure (noble lords, high priests, and headstrong merchants), powerful artifacts, and great mysteries. And there is horror: monsters and maddening discoveries revealing terrifying metaphysical truths.

If you want to learn even more about this fascinating universe, take a look at our Free Introduction to Fading Suns! Or check out the series of recent blog entries introducing aspects of the game.

This crowdfunding will come soon – and so will the products from it:

The Lost Worlds PDF files will be sent immediately at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. You will receive these before the Pledge Manager is open so you can dive in right away and share your feedback. We will send the book to the printer within four weeks from the end of the campaign to be ready to ship right after the Pledge Manager closes.

We hope that you will join us for the Lost Worlds – Booster Crowdfunding!

Please spread the word about this new campaign, as we rely on your continued support! For any players who may have missed the New Frontiers campaign, this is their second chance to join the ride! The more people we can lead into the fold of the Pancreators caring arms, the more discoveries in the universe of the Fading Suns can be revealed!

Thank you for your understanding ongoing support.


For the Ulisses Spiel-Team, yours, Markus