Our game systems on virtual tabletops

Would you like to play The Dark EyeTorg Eternity, and Fading Suns online with friends? How about convenient digital support? Then our official rulesets integrations, modules, and bots for virtual tabletops such as Foundry VTT , Roll20 and Discord are just the thing for you and your games.

We started with extensive support from The Dark Eye for Foundry VTT and will gradually expand this offer, bringing out integrations for other systems such as Torg Eternity, Fading Suns and others. Below you will find an overview of the individual game systems.

The Dark Eye

We started with The Dark Eye 5th Edition system integration into Foundry Virtual Tabletop (VTT) . In addition to the free basic module for TDE5 , we also offer a range of paid premium modules. We are also working on integrations and content for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds as well as support bots for Discord .

Torg Eternity

We are currently working on the implementation of Torg Eternity for Foundry VTT . In addition to the free basic modules there will also be premium modules. In addition to the complete set of rules, these will also include rule extensions and adventures.

Fading Suns

Fading Suns is currently being implemented in an English-language version for Fantasy Grounds VTT . In addition to the complete set of rules, we will also include rule extensions and adventures. 

Other systems for VTTs

In addition to the systems already listed, we are also planning to implement other in-house systems such as Myth: Tales of Legend and Space 1889 as they’re released in the near future.