Aventuria — Stories & Legends

Aventuria — Stories & Legends

You have been waiting for this outstanding news for a long time – and quite frankly we have been waiting to announce this as well. The next two new major expansions for Aventuria Path of Legends and Mythical Stories are coming to Kickstarter!


Wait, are you new to our smash hit Aventuria?

Aventuria is a fast-paced card game for 1 to 6 players. Each player takes control of a hero of Aventuria, fighting together to overcome challenging adventures. Your action cards give you the tools you need to fight dangerous villains or escape from vicious monsters, but be careful: every turn, you must make tactical decisions and react to your enemies’ actions.

Thousands of fans all over the world as well as a fantastic BGG rating and their seal of approval are just some of the reactions from the community, making Aventuria the best adventure card game.


I know already all of that but what are the new Mythical Stories and Path of Legends expansions all about?

Our glorious centerpiece is the new Path of Legends expansion. This box comes with a humongous over 600 new cards – expanding the way in which your heroes experience the world of Aventuria, gain adventure points, and how to spend those points to improve their strengths and possibilities. That’s right, with the Path of Legends expansion, you can finally start your own epic Aventuria campaign in the way you always wanted to. It will be absolutely amazing!



But wait, there’s more!

There is also a second glorious expansion, the new Mythical Stories box. It will provide you with just that epic Aventuria campaign we just spoke of. 5 brand-new adventures and 3 director’s cuts of previous adventures come with a new Story Mode, where your heroes’ decisions will have a profound impact on how the story develops. In other words: Aventuria will now take you as close to the drama and excitement of a true roleplaying game as possible, while still retaining the accessibility of an adventure card game. Plus, 2 brand new and outstanding heroes for the game, ready to play, and stretch goals and more exciting stuff will be revealed during the campaign!



However, as you might know the manufacturing costs in eastern Europe has increased dramatically and we had to figure out how we can manufacture the upcoming Aventuria expansions for all of you.


So here is the situation:

our current manufacturing partner (who made all base games and expansions so far) sent a quote for manufacturing these expansions and we need to change the price to $35 USD for each hero set; $225 USD for the Path of Legends expansion; $160 USD for the Mythical Stories expansion, and 65 USD for the stretch goal box.

As this would be a steep increase in price, we put a lot of effort into searching for alternatives. So we found a manufacturing partner in China who is willing to manufacture it for a cost that allows us to almost keep the pricing of the European crowdfunding (just a little bit more to take high inflation rates into account) – so $25 USD per hero set; $90 for the “Path of Legends” expansion; $65 USD for “Mythical Stories,” and $50 USD for the stretch goal box.

However, if we change the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the card stock will match that of the previous Aventuria boxes. This would specifically affect the new “Path of Legends” box, which expands the hero decks of the base game and other older expansions.

So, we decided to make a simple poll (just 10 seconds) to get feedback from you – our Aventuria fans!

To our poll»


Thank you so much, and we can’t wait to bring the latest expansion to you! Please note that this poll will run for just 1 week – we want to prepare the Kickstarter for you at the earliest possible date to deliver the latest experience to you as soon as possible! So please share this information among your friends and fellow Aventuria fans!


Your Aventuria / Ulisses Spiele Team