What is The Black Cat? Black cats bring bad luck….

What is The Black Cat? Black cats bring bad luck….

Not these! We were repeatedly asked by the English-speaking community whether our German role-playing game “Die Schwarze Katze” would also be available in English. We heard the call and started translating:

Jump into your boots, slip on your vest, strap on your needle-blade, and put on your slouch hat. Your adventure begins now. Set out as a bold Roofdancer or a courageous Rathunter and discover the world of Aventuria.

As a player of The Black Cat, you take on the role of an awakened cat. Five years ago a star descended over the great port city of Havena. With the star came realization and awareness of one’s self to some cats – the awakening. They began to speak—not human gibberish—walk on two legs, use tools, wear clothing, and more. Humans are useful idiots who provide fodder, make handy tools, and own beautiful things, but humans are also dumb, tall, strong, and plentiful. This makes humans dangerous, which is why the Awakened hide their existence from humans. Many Awakened live during the day as spoiled house cats, lazy house cats or begging street cats.

When night falls and humans finally crawl into their beds, the time of the awakened cats begins, your time. A society of awakened people has developed in the bustling port city, in which the cats come together for dance evenings in milk bars, place bets on the mouse racetrack, buy nice clothes from the barter or pick up fermented fish at the fish market. Once the diversion is enough, adventure awaits: Whether it’s getting a particularly beautiful piece of jewelry for Don Gato, hunting the beast of Orkendorf or thwarting the plans of the Rat King, Havena needs furry heroes. Havena needs you!


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Meow, yours Philipp Baas