Torg Eternity

The fate of the world is in your hands!

Battle the realities and save the earth right now from the High Lords!

The world, as you know, no longer exists. Seven savage High Lords from different realities now dominate large parts of humanity. They came out of nowhere and attacked the earth, oppressed the inhabitants and divided our planet among themselves. But there is hope. A rare number of people have been able to master the energy that creates the world around us and are strong enough to stand up against the conquerors.


Defend the earth against unknown forces from other realities!


In Torg Eternity you are the hero. As a Storm Knight, you were able to absorb the energy of reality itself, called possibility energy, and oppose the machinations of the High Lords and the Gaunt Man. For Core Earth, as our reality is called in Torg Eternity, is no longer the only reality on Earth. In Russia, for example, you will be confronted with a technological and demonic setting, in America you will have to fight primeval dinosaurs, while Britain is now populated by elves, fairies and dwarves.

Indeed, the realities are beginning to mix. So you are not bound to one reality, but you can, for example, fight a T-Rex with Cyber-Ninjas in old Aztec ruins in search of a legendary treasure. Fun and action are guaranteed!


The Cosms at a glance

      • Aysle is a kingdom of dark fantasy in which elves, dwarves and monsters do their evil and magic rules the course of the world.


      • The Cyberpapacy is a technological reign of terror, in which fanatics adopt a virtual reality in order to monitor and suppress their subjects.


      • In the Living Land it is wild and dangerous. Dinosaurs and lizardmen live here, while only ruins remain of ours and other civilizations.


      • In Nile-Empire diabolical pulp villains rule over a world based on ancient Egypt, where the 1930s overlap with the empire of the pharaohs.


      • Orrosh is a land of Gothic horror, where the Victorian age never ended and nightmares come true all too easily.


      • Action and intrigue dominate the mega-corporations of Pan-Pacifica, in which electric samurai compete against zombies.


      • Tharkold is a demon-dominated wasteland, where the few free humans have to fight daily for their survival, and technology has been fused with the powers of hell itself.


What is Torg Eternity?

They came from other cosms—other realities—conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its possibilities. The Reality Raiders brought with them their own realities, turning ortions of our planet into someplace else.


Led by a mysterious and ancient individual known only as the Gaunt Man, the High Lords each claimed a piece of Earth for themselves. Each established his or her primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realm on our world, setting the conquest in motion. And they all have one aim: to become a being of indescribable power – the Torg!


But the attackers did not reckon with the fierce resistance of the inhabitants of the earth and their fighters penetrated by possibility energy, the “Storm Knights”. These rise up against the Gaunt Man and his allies and fight with the full fervor of their reality-hardened will. In doing so, they make the strengths of the realities of the invaders their own and use them against the High Lords and their minions.


Basic information


An ancient word that extends to the beginning of everything.


Why are the Reality Raiders here on Earth? Most already rule their own cosms, so why do they risk it all to invade a realm across reality itself? Legend has it that whoever becomes the ultimate conqueror of our planet will merge his consciousness with his Darkness Device and ascend in power to become a legendary being called the “Torg.“






Only the Storm Knights can inspire the masses to restore the earth’s precious reality energy.


Some beings have the ability to resist the invading realities, to innately control the reality within and around themselves. These people are called “Storm Knights,“ and they are the Earth’s only chance at salvation.






Men, women and alien creatures from all realities they all are fighting together against the oppression of the High Lords.


The truth about the High Lords, stelae, and Storm Knights isn’t widely known, but a worldwide organization calling itself the Delphi Council has pieced it together and is doing everything it can to coordinate the efforts of the world’s Storm Knights.






Your character is one of these heroes, a Storm Knight who is dedicated not only to protecting the Earth, but to stopping one of the Reality Raiders from becoming a being of unimaginable power and unparalleled evil—the “Torg.“




Core Earth

Highlord: None

Where? Everywhere, where no other reality prevails


The world of Torg Eternity isn’t quite our world. Magic, miracles, and monsters do exist, but all pale in comparison to some of the other realms of which we’ve now become aware. In this version of Earth, cultists lurk in the dark corners of the globe attempting to summon demons or old gods. Items like Excalibur are real. A priest’s blessing may actually bring divine favor. Bigfoot may or may not be real, but some of the cryptids chased around the globe by overzealous
individuals certainly are.






Highlord: Lord Angar Uthorion

Where? Great Britain, Scandinavia


Once dwarves fought here against elves and giants chased the trolls from the mountains, while the various human royal families and religions competed for land, resources and values. But then Lord Angar Uthorion appeared and subdued all who opposed him. The dwarves and elves were nearly exterminated, the trolls and vikings joined his cruel hordes and have been conquering other worlds in his name ever since.


Aysle is a dark fantasy realm where everything is divided into light and darkness. The light stands for precious virtues like justice, sincerity and modesty. For those who believe in it, the light is more important than love, family or their lives. Those who avoid the light, on the other hand, enjoy more freedom at the expense of the widespread contempt that is held against them.


“I descended into a stinking sewer and came back a millionaire!”

-An Ayslish adventurer






Highlord: Cyberpope Jean Malraux

Where? France, Spain, Brazil


The Cyberpapacy’s arrival was not an invasion—it was salvation. Much like the Victorians of Orrorsh or Pella Ardinay’s battered army in Aysle, a powerful host of allies appeared to aid humanity. The strangers were led by Jean Malraux, the “Cyberpope.“ They came from an advanced and enlightened world where a unique brand of Christianity had developed and embraced high technology. Their soldiers wore powerful body armor and carried advanced weapons. Some were augmented with biomechanical implants—cyberware—that increased their reflexes, strength, speed, or toughness. They were connected by unquestioning faith in the divine and their selfless leader, Cyberpope Jean Malraux.


This is the story the invaders tell, but it was not like that! The cyber-pontificate is a technologized reign of terror, in which fanatics adopt a virtual reality in order to monitor and suppress their subjects. The power of their cyber-god is undeniable, but even if the priests admit it, magic, cyber-witches and dark shadows also exist in the dark corners of the God-Net.


“The church is all bent light and projected energy, controlled by soulless machines. None of it is truth, except for the death.”

-Father Damien Moniels





The Living Land

Highlord: Baruk Kaah

Where? Canada, Mexico, USA


High Lord Baruk Kaah, High Lord Baruk Kaah, a lizard-like humanoid from a world called Takta Ker (which literally translates to “The Living Land“), rules a primeval, mist-shrouded realm that stretches across wide swaths of North America. It is filled with dense jungles, erupting volcanoes, sheer cliffs, and the ruins of lost worlds.


Edeinos, tall and powerful lizardmen are the predominant species and Lanala, the goddess who is the land itself, gives them indescribable power. Prayers can control the huge dinosaurs or form spears from simple seeds, but technology fails in this empire abandoned by all civilization.






Highlord: Dr. Möbius

Where? Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia


A brilliant scientist, Dr. Möbius, the High Lord of the Nile Empire and as subtle as a lightning strike, fell upon the Africa of the earth. During the invasion, his armies swept across the land relying on a mixture of 1930s technology, mad science and Egyptian wonders! The heroes benefit from action-packed scenes and strange technological wonders that set no limits to the imagination.


Diabolical pulp villains fight here against masked vigilantes, while in Cairo gangsters in secret bars spend their dishonestly earned money. The shocktroopers of the pharaoh conquer ever larger areas of Africa and the faith and magic of the old gods spreads like a hot desert wind.






Highlord: The Gaunt Man

Where? Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka


The terrors of Orrorsh arrived via maelstrom bridges made of screaming corpses. They crashed down in Kolkata, Sanjay Gandhi National Park (near Mumbai), and Bonjoli, India, in the dead of night, allowing hordes of hideous things to cross
into our world. Some of the monsters rampaged through the outlying villages, slaughtering thousands. Others infiltrated the cities, committing vile and insidious deeds that shook the wills of those who might have resisted. This was no march or organized invasion, it was a living nightmare. Lights and electronics failed as the axioms of Orrorsh spread. Modern weapons ceased to function. Many of the creatures required special means to defeat, and failing technology
prevented those who discovered these secrets from spreading their findings.


The leader of the Reality Raiders and the grand master of the invasion of Earth is the Gaunt Man. His horror-soaked realm, Orrorsh, is a Victorian-era cosm of colonial rule, native suffering, and monsters straight out of humanity’s
worst nightmares.


“I can deal with the despair. It’s the constant glimmers of hope that are killing me.”

-Thomas Brownstone






Highlord: Kanawa Corporation (CEO Ryuchi Kanawa)

Where?: China, Japan, Korea


No obvious maelstrom bridge nor High Lord has appeared in the Asia-Pacifica region, but the world has changed just the same. An outbreak of a mysterious plague has afflicted millions, from Tokyo to Seoul to Shanghai. The virus transforms men and women into raving cannibals, and some into what are being called “jiangshi,“ with astonishing speed and leaping abilities.


Fortunately, the Kanawa Corporation stepped in to help. In the opening days of the outbreak this mega-conglomerate restored order in large sections of Tokyo. The city of Kyoto, where its corporate headquarters were located, remained stable despite the complete breakdown of local institutions. Kanawa’s advanced technology and superior security forces contained the infected around most of their larger corporate outposts. Advanced biological engineering also proved successful in quelling the riots via certain airborne pacification sprays. Because of the unprecedented situation, and since it was done by a private force rather than the government, outspoken public voices such as movie stars, singers, and the major media outlets encouraged acceptance of these draconian efforts.


But what began as salvation soon turned out to be a curse. Kanawa employees are now heavily involved in most governments in the region and serve as consultants in neighboring countries. Quite subliminally, the company managed to infiltrate the government in such a way that they now hold all the strings of the country in their hands.


“My ancestors might be watching, but I’m in no hurry to find out”

-Zhang Zhi






Highlord: Lord Kranod

Where: Russia


Tharkold is a realm of techno-horror in the cities and near post-apocalyptic survival in the vast reaches between. It is a world where technodemons rule enslaved humans, crudely called the “Race.“ Tharkoldu “prides“ are in turn ruled by seven powerful Dukes, chief of which is High Lord Kranod.


The tenacious Russians proved themselves almost as ruthless as the invaders. President Aleksandr “the Wolf“ Volkov committed the majority of his air force to a strike against the maelstrom bridge. When that failed, he followed with a tactical nuclear missile. The “Moscow Gambit“ as it came to be called, wiped out a host of demons and their thralls, but had a far more dire effect as well.


A curious side effect of the bomb, due to the radioactive mist blowing over central Russia, is the powerful psychic abilities that some Core Earthers have developed. Some can create fire with their will, read minds, or move objects using telekinesis. The abilities and power of these individuals vary greatly, and they have probably just begun to test their limits.


“Freedom means fighting for myself, not some goat in Moscow or his demon overseer”

-Anton Haegar


Most of the characters in Possibility Wars are people from the Core Earth or from one of the seven Cosms – most, but not all. Some Edeinos have joined the battle for Earth, as have some elves and dwarves from Aysle.




Most of the characters in Possibility Wars are people from the Central Earth or from one of the seven Cosms. There is one peculiarity: people who live in these transformed zones also transform into alternative versions of themselves over time. An architect in London, for example, could become a gifted stonemason living in the dark reality of Aysle under Lord Uthorion. A cashier in the Living Land could become a hunter-gatherer of this primitive world into which North America has been transformed.






The lizard men of the Living Land are fierce and savage warriors. They must be, for they dwell in a brutal environment of carnivorous plants, hostile creatures, and giant creatures hungry for their flesh.







The elves were once one of the mightiest bulwarks against the dark forces of Aysle. Then Uthorion’s rampage put many of their great alabaster cities to ruin, or burned to cinders the mighty forests that once supported their incredible treetop villages. After years of bloody fighting, the elven nations were reduced to a quarter of their original population.







Uthorion’s rampage through the Land Between devastated the hardy dwarves. Fell beasts and dark magic ravaged their armies and collapsed their cities. The most veteran dwarven warriors died in furious last stands to allow the younger heroes to lead the survivors to the surface, retreating in humiliation before the unstoppable onslaught.



All the above mentioned races are included in the rules! More races will be presented in upcoming publications.


In Torg Eternity, every player character starts with access to certain special abilities in addition to her attributes and skills called “Perks.“ Perks are what allow a hero to start the game with cyberware, cast spells, use Nile Empire pulp powers, or simply be particularly smarter, tougher, or better at some things than most.



Here are a few examples of the perks of the rulebook:




Cosm: Cyberpapacy


The Cyberpope’s engineers have mastered efficient, form fitting, and even beautiful cyber-technology. Many think of it as body art, gilding their cybernetic arms or plating cerebral neural jacks with metallic colors, prismatic images, or other custom work.





Electric Samurai

Cosm: Pan-Pacifica


Electric Samurai are an underground group gaining a following around Japan, and similar groups have appeared in China, Korea, and across Pan-Pacifica. Most members are crusading youths emulating ancient samurai traditions. The society’s leaders are mostly descendants of true samurai families and their modern day allies across the region. Membership in the Electric Samurai is by invitation only, and is extended only when a candidate is observed clashing against Kanawa
Corporation forces and displaying the best qualities of a disciple of Bushido.






Cosm: Aysle, Cyberpapacy, Living Land, Nile-Empire, Orrorsh


Some sort of divine or otherworldly being allows the character to channel its power, granting her the ability to invoke miracles.






Cosm: Nile-Empire


The vigilantes of the Nile Empire are not the fourcolor super heroes of modern comics. They are pulp heroes with powers more in line with the Shadow, Green Hornet, or even “street level“ crimefighters such as Batman. They are, in essence, ordinary men and women with a few extraordinary abilities, but cut them, and they will bleed.


Pulp hero powers have many different trappings. One character’s Super Strength might be the result of exposure to strange radioactive isotopes in Dr. Mobius’s lab. Another hero’s might come from the “Electro-Static Belt“ he wears. Whatever the reason, the powers work the same. If the power comes from a gadget it doesn’t work correctly for anyone else. If the GM takes powers away (usually by confiscating relevant devices) the hero usually gets them back by the next act.






Cosm: Orrorsh


Most Victorians fight the Gaunt Man’s foul corruption with stubborn gallantry in the face of overwhelming odds. But a few have turned to darker sources of inspiration, such as alchemy, diabolism, or demonic powers.






Cosm: Pan-Pacifica, Tharkold, Core Earth


Magic manipulates latent arcane energy and miracles channel power from otherworldly beings or realms. Psionics comes from one’s own mental energy, allowing the “psi“ to perform amazing feats of telepathy, kinesis, and far more.






Cosm: Core Earth


Perhaps the most powerful of all the Storm Knights are those who can master reality. It is the raw stuff of the Possibility Wars, and with it, most anything can happen.



Further perks are described in the rules and regulations and in upcoming publications!

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Core Rules for Torg Eternity


Torg gives your group a whole new feel and incredibly fun situations. Of course, the excitement doesn’t fall by the wayside – discover completely new worlds with your friends that create contrasts that are not found in any other system. As Storm Knights you save the world and experience adventures that make history.




The adventure collections


Experience the invasion of the earth up close! With the adventure collection “Day One” you introduce your group to the world of Torg. Your group experiences the invasions all over the world and tries to avert them. The adventure collection “Delphi Missions” gives you the opportunity to expand your campaigns and provides you with twelve adventures covering all the Cosms of Possibility Wars. These adventure collections offer you countless hours of fun – the only question is whether your group is capable of saving the world…



Additional products for Torg Eternity


Torg Eternity focuses on impressive battles! The additional material makes it easier for your group to depict battles and lets you immerse yourself completely in the world. Torg comes with countless acrylic blips that you can use to depict everything from small skirmishes to epic battles. With the distinctive Torg dice, you’ll be the eye-catcher at any role-playing table – a must have for any Storm Knight.

More great additional products can be found in our store!

Markus Plötz



Markus gave the impulse for the development of Aventuria many years ago and since then he has been responsible for the editorial work. Together with Christian Lonsing he designed the adventure mode and the two still meet regularly to work out new innovative ideas.

Thomas Michalski

Graphic artist and layout designer


Thomas primarily conjures beautiful books from individual texts and pictures; occasionally takes over editorial tasks.


In early 2016, after studying literature and philosophy in Aachen and after several years as a freelancer, he found his way to Ulisses. Today he lives in the Eifel region of Germany and hikes through the woods in all weathers when he is not engaged in role-playing, either privately or professionally.