The thrilling adventure card game in the world of The Dark Eye!


Aventuria is a continent that stretches from the jungles and swamps of the south, where lizardmen do their evil business, to the icy lands of the Fjarninger barbarians in the northern expanses. In between there are the mountain kingdoms of the dwarves, the steppes of the orcs and the forests of the elves, and of course the many countries and cities of the humans. Aventuria offers adventures, challenges and dangers for every hero, from the traveling knight to the mighty archmage.


Experience adventures with your friends with Aventuria. The heroes try to go through adventures in the world of Aventuria as a party. It is important to coordinate well and to support each other in the fight against the adversaries. Only together they can reach their goal, accumulate treasures and experiences and face ever greater challenges. In Duel mode, you can compete with your friends and even build your own decks. The game can be expanded with numerous add-ons, so new characters, maps, adventures and game mechanics are constantly being added!



In General

What is a Dark Eye?

A Dark Eye is a powerful magical item. Such Eyes are extremely rare, and only a few spellcasters of ages past were able to enchant the metal the Eye is made of to allow the viewer to see distant places or the past. To create a Dark Eye, a creator needs magic, but also meteorite iron that has fallen from the sky. When enchanted, the lump of iron takes a round or eye-like shape.



What is Aventuria?

Aventuria is a continent ranging from the jungles and swamps of the South haunted by lizardmen to the icy lands of the Fjarninger barbarians in the Northern reaches. In between, there are the mountain kingdoms of the dwarves, the steppes of the orcs and the forests of the elves, and, of course, the countless lands and cities of men. Aventuria is full of adventures, challenges and dangers for all heroes, from the traveling knight to the powerful archmage.




A World of Magic

Aventuria is a world infused with magic. Three headed dragons, slavering ghouls, emerald spiders and other monsters inhabit the continent and are a danger to life and health. But monsters are not all that differs from our world in Aventuria. A few humans are born with “Mada’s Gift” magic, and are schooled in academies or by private tutors.




A World of Gods

In addition to magic, Aventurians can witness the supernatural with their priests of the gods, the so-called “Blessed Ones.” The most prevalent faith is that of the Twelvegods, a pantheon of twelve siblings led by Praios, the god of order and rulership, the divine lord.

Few peasants ever meet a mage or a monster, but they often see the supernatural powers of their village priest, witness when rain starts when the Blessed One pleads or a wounded man’s injuries seal up.


But even the gods have enemies, and their power is often clearly visible. In the east lie the Shadowlands, a dark place, where people pray to the Arch-Demons and support their eternal fight against the gods. Black mages create undead and summon demons that sow terror among the believers.


Heroes of Aventuria

Arbosh, son of Angrax

Dwarf Blacksmith


The oldest son of the famous mushroom grower Angrax and the well-respected blacksmith Valoschgra, Arbosh was born under an unusual sign. Unlike his three brothers, who were all black-haired, Arbosh was born with white hair, a sign that the blessed ones of Angrosh interpreted as the god’s benevolence. It is even said that Arbosh already had a beard in his infancy, but in fact he was beardless until his twenty-fifth birthday and suffered greatly because of his smooth cheeks.


He gained particular fame through a struggle with a Cyclops, who Arbosh wanted to ask to teach him the secret of Cyclopic forging. The meeting ended in bloody carnage, from which the Dwarf emerged victorious against all odds.





Layariel Treetopglint

Elf Scout


Layariel grew up in a small village south of the Salamander Stones. She learned her way around the natural world in local pastures and forests, and she developed a great skill in archery and hunting. From the first time she saw a human, she grew curious about the strange people with the rose-shaped ears, whose manners were both disgusting and fascinating to her. As early as her parents allowed, she traveled to nearby Donnerbach to study the “rose ears.”


A major turning point in her life was the disappearance of her brother Edorion ten years ago. At that time, Layariel and he had traveled to Donnerbach to exchange furs for other goods. Her brother disappeared without a trace during their stay in the city. Edorion’s disappearance caused great grief in Layariel’s family. All efforts to find him were in vain, and the Treetopglint Clan ended the search after a few days. Only Layariel did not give up. She left her family, moved on to the south, followed every little trace and overcame numerous obstacles during her journey. Her brother, however, was lost.





Mirhiban al’Orhima

Tulamydian Mage


Although both Fasar-based magic academies strive to track down magically gifted children to allow them to meet their potential, in Mirhiban’s case it was the nonaffiliated mage Halid abu’l Ketab who became aware of her gift. Nobody in her small home village could have imagined that the child of rice farmers would one day study the art of magic in the luxurious dwelling of a mage. From the first exercises onwards she showed that she had a special talent for the fire element: she was quickly able to ignite candles and extinguish their flames, she succeeded at casting an Ignifaxius on her first try (thereby scorching the tail of the houshold’s cat), and in the conjuration of fire elementals Mirhiban soon showed an even greater talent than her master.


In addition to researching the Mage Moguls, Mirhiban’s other hobby is the search for a real Dark Eye. As a child, she listened to the stories of the Haimamudin about the legendary artifacts, and she would give anything to inspect one of these magnificent objects.





Carolan Calavanti

Half Elf Rogue


Calavanti is Carolan’s favorite name—but he uses a different one in every city. In Kuslik he is wanted for fraud and is called Ramirez Zotti; in Grangor he is known as the impostor Lorenzo Dicora; and in Vinsalt the Guard searches for theft under the name Furio Faruzzi. The rogue with the pointed ears grew up as a foundling child in the Tsa temple of Vinsalt, where the blessed ones found him at the gate almost thirty years ago. Soon the blessed ones realized that one parent was probably of Elven blood, but this circumstance did not prevent them from being good parents and offering him a new home.


Again and again Carolan stumbles into dangerous situations. Phex nevertheless seems to stand by the Halfelf, as often sheer coincidence allows him to get out of any kind of pinch. He himself does not resent the fox god for his changing fortune. As someone who lived in a Temple of Tsa for many years and understood the doctrines of the goddess of the new beginning, Carolan knows that every situation offers a new opportunity—you just have to take it, and take it with humor.





These are the heroes of the basic box! More heroes are included in the many expansions.


Saving Silvana

Short Adventure


Havena, in the year 993 BF

Your friend Alrik has asked you to help him rescue his
friend Silvana, who was abducted by vicious pirates.





The Non-Gambling Kind

Short Adventure


Chorhop, in the year 1024 BF

The city of Chorhop is a dangerous place at night. An anonymous client has hired you to escort a veiled person known as the “Idol of Fortune” to a gambling house named the “Carbuncle Stone.”





Legacy of Wildenstein

Full Adventure


Perainefords, in the late autumn of 1039 BF

Your voyage has led you to Perainefords, the capital of the province of Tobrien. To your great dissatisfaction, this northern town turns out be little more than a small settlement with not much to offer. It seems that the city’s only purpose is to serve as the Tobrian duke’s provisional seat of government until the Middenrealm can reconquer the surrounding lands from treacherous demon worshipers. This puts you into a tight spot, as your money and supplies are running out. How will you make through the winter? In your privation, you are ready to accept any assignment that might come along. But then fortune favors you as one of you receives a very special letter.


“My beloved child,


I am sorry that I haven’t sent you any messages lately. Since our falling-out, many things have changed in my life. I agreed to marry the Baron of Wildenstein to take care of me in my old age. I am sure that your deceased father would not have objected a man of such high birth, and I hope you agree. But with this good news comes painful news as well, as my new husband died after only two years of marriage from a mysterious sickness. I am writing you from his deathbed. As he died without an heir, and I am reaching my twilight years, I want you to set aside the bad things between us and hurry here. Present yourself as the heir to his title before the greedy gentry and warlords of the Shadowlands can stake their claims.


Your loving mother”






These are the adventures of the basic box! More adventures are included in the many expansions.


The Quest Begins Here!

The Basic Game


Aventuria is a fast-paced card game for 1-4 players aged 14 and up, in which each player plays a hero from Aventuria: be it the grim dwarf blacksmith Arbosh, the nimble elven scout Layariel, the cunning half-elfish stray Carolan or the mysterious Tulamydian magician Mirhiban. In Duel mode, the heroes compete against each other, while in cooperative adventure mode they join forces as a group to face great challenges together.


No previous knowledge is necessary!

New adventures, new mechanics, new characters…

The Expansions


The expansions complement the basic game with new characters that have new individual decks. Add new adventures to test the skills and interaction of your party. You can also expand the game with new mechanics that make the game even more fun!

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Additional material for Aventuria


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The Tabletop Simulator Mod


The Tabletop Simulator Mod offers you all the contents of the basic box and adds atmospheric music. Sit down at the digital table, choose your hero and experience Aventuria in Tabletop Simulator! To make the game easier for you, many things (like the dealing of the cards) are scripted to happen at the push of a button. Would you like to try the mod? All you need is the Tabletop Simulator on Steam!


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Markus Plötz



Markus gave the impulse for the development of Aventuria many years ago and since then he has been responsible for the editorial work. Together with Christian Lonsing he designed the adventure mode and the two still meet regularly to work out new innovative ideas.

Christian Lonsing

Editor and designer


Christian Lonsing is an experienced editor who has already realized many products and systems. He has developed elements for Aventuria and put many hours of his heart and soul into the game. As editor and designer he continues to enrich the game with great mechanics.