New Products in the Web Store!

Earlier this year, we held a quiet opening of the Ulisses Spiele International web store, where we are selling many of our products directly to North American customers. (Note – we will ship worldwide, but our warehouse is based in the US, so international shipping may be expensive.)

Today we are raising the profile of the web store by featuring it in the main header of the website. You can see it at the top of this page right after “Games.” As part of this larger launch, we are also announcing several products that are now available for sale on the web store!

First of all, the web store will be one of the few places where you can get the embossed leatherette Deluxe Editions of previous books. Right now that includes The Dark Eye Core Rules and The Dark Eye Aventuria Almanac:


We have limited quantities of these books, and when they are gone, they’re gone!

We also have limited sizes and quantities of this year’s convention shirts for both Torg Eternity and Aventuria:


For those, if there continues to be high demand, we may order more. But for now, check availability on your chosen sizes.

And finally, the most exciting addition that we are releasing as of today – the Aventuria Adventure Card Game!

The base set and Forest of No Return expansion will be in stores next month, followed by Ship of Lost Souls in November and Heroes’ Struggle in December. But you can get them all right now through our web store!

We look forward to featuring more products from all our lines as we move forward. We’ll also continue working on making the store pages more attractive and easy to use. But for now, we want to make sure these and many other products are available to you in as many ways as possible!