New PDF Releases for Torg Aysle and Magic of Aventuria

A host of new PDF’s and images are now available on DriveThruRPG! If you backed the crowdfunding campaigns for digital versions you should have them already, check your email. If you do not please email us at

For those of you who missed the crowdfunding you can pick up the PDFs now and if you want physical copies they should be available in 3+ weeks. Please signup for our email newsletter to be alerted when they’re available.

Torg Eternity Aysle

Aysle Sourcebook

Aysle GM Screen 

The Revenge of the Carredon 

Delphi Missions Aysle 

Aysle Booster Deck 

Aysle GM Pack

The Revenge of the Carredon Soundtrack  

Aysle Map Pack 1 

Aysle Map Pack 2 

When Cosms Collide! 

Cracking Tales Aysle 

Magic Item Deck 

Crowdfunding Pack

Nile Empire Crowdfunding Pack 

Living Land Crowdfunding Pack 


The Dark Eye: Magic of Aventuria

Magic of Aventuria 

Magic of Aventuria Card Set 1&2 

Magic of Aventuria Card Set 3 

Legacy of the Theater Knights 

Conspiracy of Mages 

Deluxe Character Sheet Munda Heroes 

Deluxe Character Sheets