Myth: Dawn of Heroes Visual Updates

Myth: Dawn of Heroes Visual Updates

For the past few months, we have been working on a wave of major updates to Myth: Dawn of Heroes. We continue to refine, clarify, and streamline the rules to make the game a great play experience, and we’ve also been bringing in some new looks to many of the game elements.



Much of this visual update can be seen in the current version of the Darkness Board, which shows off the work we’re doing to bring the “Myth” style to everything in the game. The board itself has changed quite a bit, but you can also see some of the changes we’ve made to the backs of various card decks. Using Keith’s original vector designs as a starting point, all the card backs are now full color with illustrated versions of the icons. This allows us to use the vector icons elsewhere (such as in rules text) and still be clear about the meaning and connection to the cards. Also, we’ve added unique backs to some cards that didn’t have them previously, like Ally Cards.



We continue to tweak our Hero Cards for balance and playability, but we are also continuing to adjust visual elements to convey information as clearly as possible – sometimes even in multiple ways. We want to visually distinguish Action, Free Action, and Interrupt cards so that you can tell them apart with just a glance at your hand. You’ll find quite a few adjustments designed to make these cards more accessible to new players and more useful to experienced players.



Speaking of experienced players, one of the big projects we worked on this past summer was mapping out how character advancement will work across the entire product line. The details of that will be a topic for another day, but one of the things we decided was that we needed to adjust the item power creep a bit to leave us room on the upper levels without getting too ridiculous. We still want Green and Blue items to be noticeable upgrades, but we have to have somewhere to go with Purple and Orange.

Our next steps in the visual updates have to do with Hero Boards and terrain. We’re exploring some exciting production options for both of those, but we have lots of decisions and designing left before we can share them. However, you can expect to see more and more information about all our updates as we move into a more public phase of development.