CROM Mechanics Teaser #11 – Fate Cards Part 5


Many of the Fate Cards we’ve talked about so far have been focused on gaining specific tactical advantages in the middle of combat. However, sometimes it may be more effective to just thwart your opponent’s plans. As you’ve seen, the Legion of Set is particularly focused on that approach, whereas the Circle of Iron tends to spend more time building its own advantage. However, both of today’s cards are simple and direct methods for upsetting the enemy.

Curse (Legion of Set)


The Legion of Set has several cards that limit or suppress the Circle of Iron’s powerful Fate Cards, and this is one of the most straightforward. Curse may be played at any time to force an opponent to discard one Fate Card from his hand.

The opponent gets to choose, so if he has a large hand it’s likely to eliminate a weaker card. But later in the game when an opponent is hanging on to Reinforcements or Stand and Deliver and only has the one card, suddenly Curse can be ruinous.

Spooked Beasts (Circle of Iron)


The Circle of Iron may play this after any attack rolls a Sigil, and then move a foe’s Monster unit at a run in any direction. This is a literal life-saver when a massive Scion of Set has slithered into range, and is suddenly sent out of charge range or out of melee contact! Likewise the creature might get moved forward into a trap, or into dangerous terrain. Regardless, it usually means trouble for the Legion of Set.

Because this card can be triggered on any attack roll by any unit, the timing is very flexible. On the other hand, if the Legion isn’t fielding a Monster the card does no good at all.