Arivor’s Doom – Early Look

We’ve reached a quiet moment for The Dark Eye. Over the next couple of months we will be fulfilling two Kickstarters, but not starting any new ones. Instead we will be focusing on turning out new products to expand the line while we look towards growing community of fans.

As we continue to develop things behind the scenes, we’ll be previewing some of those upcoming products so that you can get a sense of what’s coming soon. Today we look at Arivor’s Doom, the next major adventure release for The Dark Eye roleplaying game.


Arivor’s Doom is a stand-alone, 68-page adventure, similar in scope to Revelations From Heaven. You can read more about the product description in the announcement post on our forums here:

This adventure is a unique experience in fantasy roleplaying. Unlike traditional RPG stories where you might be fighting an evil mastermind or exploring a dark dungeon, Arivor’s Doom is essentially a disaster movie. There is plenty of drama, excitement, and even a little bit of combat for those players that appreciate that sort of thing, but beyond that your characters will find themselves tested in new and unexpected ways.

Your characters can also experience the events in a variety of ways. As you can see in this page preview, there are three completely different paths into the adventure:


Depending on the starting path the characters choose, their views of the events that unfold will change drastically, and they may see very different outcomes.

Will you be ready for the Doom when it comes? Whom will you save? Can you even save yourself?

Arivor’s Doom is scheduled for retail release in February of 2017. Preorders coming soon!