Arivor’s Doom Bonus Preview

We’re so excited about the upcoming adventure Arivor’s Doom that we just had to post another preview. (You can see the first preview here.)

This adventure shows such a pivotal moment in Aventurian history, and we just know many people are going to be eager to play it. We wanted to show you the moment in the adventure when everything takes its first big dramatic turn, where the story becomes very powerful and real…

…but there’s a slight problem. This book is so full of spoilers – not only for the adventure itself but for the current political and socio-economic state of affairs in Aventuria – that the Imperial Garetian Information Agency has insisted on stepping in to regulate what we’re allowed to share.

Luckily, we’ve managed to work out a compromise! The IGIA has agreed to let us choose the page we will preview today, provided they be allowed to cover up the most sensitive portions of that page. So here is that page with what the IGIA promises will be a very light redacting: