Why You Should Play a Monster Hunter from Orrorsh

The Torg Eternity Kickstarter is in its final hours! This morning we posted the Orrorsh Design Notes video, and so we finish our Why You Want to Play series with the Monster Hunter archetype.


You know first-hand what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Evil that leads them to Corruption and inevitably to becoming one of the Gaunt Man’s horrors. You are a Victorian, a proud nation, the last vestige of civilization on Gaea, and now you’re here to save Earth from the strongest High Lord there is.

You chose to become a monster hunter, or perhaps the profession chose you. Either way, you have the knowledge and the ability to not only identify a horror, but to track it down, and kill it.



You’re an expert marksman, and your favored weapon is your trusty Slayer’s Gun. You manufacture your own ammunition, but the bullets you smith can be filled with holy water, kill “giants,” or pierce the hardest hide. In fact, the bigger the monster, the more up to the challenge you are, as your Dragon Slayer medal miraculously allows you to find the vital spots on the creature to hit.

Not only are you an excellent shot, but you’re not as susceptible to fear, and in fact you can intimidate with the best (or worst) of them. Your strong spirit also helps you reconnect when fighting monsters in other realities, and keeps you in the fight for as long as you can suffer blows.

As a Victorian your perseverance is rewarded with medals. When worn with pride these accolades buoy the body and spirit, generating special bonuses related to the original accomplishment. Yours was earned after felling a huge beast, and you feel its significance every time you face an oversized minion of the High Lords.