Forgotten Fables — Wolves on the Westwind

Forge your own path


On your way to the quiet Thorwalian town of Isleifsfell, you are swept up into a quest to destroy an old evil before it can once again rain down terror on the North, binding you by trial and fate to the children of Isleifsfell’s hetman, a mysterious elf and the ottajasko of an infamous Thorwalian raider. Forgotten Fables — Wolves on the Westwind is a visual for PC, iPhone and iPad in the world of The Dark Eye. 

What is The Dark Eye?

The Dark Eye (TDE) is the widely successful European Pen&Paper fantasy role-playing game currently in its 5th edition. The Dark Eye (German: Das Schwarze Auge) has excited players of all ages for over almost 40 years, with its highly detailed and lovingly crafted continent of Aventuria, where most of the adventures are set. The many published sourcebooks shine a light on special topics or regions, so that new and veteran players both find all the relevant information they need.


Go to our website to learn more about The Dark Eye and for getting into the game we recommend the The Dark Eye Core Rules and the Aventurian Almanac, both available as hardcover, digest sized paperbacks and ebooks.

What is Forgotten Fables about?

Forgotten Fables – Wolves on the Westwind is a new, epic adventure taking place in the award-winning world of The Dark Eye RPG. Enriched by 40 years of continuous work on its lore and history, the world of The Dark Eye is filled with adventure, mystery and intrigue. Visit the lands of Thorwal in the cold north of Aventuria and navigate your path on board one of the most feared raiders of the North and his crew of warriors. You will need to gain the crews respect and forge alliances on board in order to overcome not only your adversary, but also your own worst fears.


Find your own story


Featuring two different playable characters with their own skills and stories, you may choose your own path through this highly flexible visual novel with outstanding artwork, intuitive and easy-to-learn mechanics and a host of fascinating characters to meet along the way. Depending on your decisions, you will be accompanied by a group of different companions and face alternate endings, creating your own version of the expansive story.

The game is also available for iOS!

Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind is also available for iPhone and iPad. Experience the world of The Dark Eye with the visual novel, even when you are on the bus or are sitting in your living room at home. 


These are the features of the game: 

  • Choose your own adventure and play as one of the two main characters, the young mage Nedime or the veteran warrior Alrik   
  • Replayable, branching storyline with several alternate endings and side quests depending on your choices   
  • RPG-light gameplay with spells and maneuvers, mana and stamina  
  • Meet over 30 different characters and experience the world of Aventuria  
  • Set in the award-winning world of The Dark Eye RPG with 40 years of development history  
  • 15 hours of content across several chapters and side-stories 
  • Beautiful soundtrack and artwork evoking an epic medieval fantasy world 

How was the visual novel received by players and press?

Forgotten Fables: Wolves on the Westwind is a fantastic visual novel for fans of the medieval fantasy.”- I Dream of Indie Games