Ulisses Worlds news 4/8

Ulisses Worlds news for 4/8/21 Robert and Eric talk about all things Ulisses, plus Myth:Dawn of Heroes Previews!

Episode 36 4/08/21 

  • This month, April 23-25th is VegasCon edition of UlissesConeOnline Monthly! Get ready to signup for games and panels for all of our games! This time we’ll be partnering with Startplaying.Games. We’ll be supporting GMs who want to run intro games that we provide. We’ll be announcing how you can sign up real soon. If you want to be a GM or player please create a startplaying.games account. All games we support will be FREE for the convention. 


    • We finished the Aventuria crowdfunding to great acclaim! 681% FUNDED 394 BACKERS €68,138 EUROS RAISED! 
    • Last weekend at GaryCon, Eric ran a demo of the Aventuria base game using Tabletop Simulator. 
    • That is available on the GaryCon Twitch Channel 

     The Dark Eye: 

    • Last weekend at GaryCon Tajo Fittkau the English line developer ran an intro game via Foundry VTT.  
    • You can catch that also on the GaryCon Twitch channel. 

    Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

    • Doors! 
    • Look forward to a lot more reveals at UlissesConOnline in two weeks! 

     Fading Suns:  

    • Many fans are getting their books in Germany and over Europe. Unfortunately due to a container shortage the books have not made their way to the US yet. We’re hoping for them to ship in late April or May. 
    • At GaryCon, Mark P ran a streamed Fading Suns game 
    • You can find that game as VOD on the GaryCon Twitch channel as well 
    • Streams 
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg have Heretical Musings the 1st and 3rd THURSDAYS of the month at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern.    
    •  JM and the crew of the Oh Boii are streaming every other Thursdays at 5:30pm Pacific. We’re now back to weekly! 
    • Tonight: The crew of the Oh Boi delves an Ur ruin to save Jexa’s Father! But their pasts catch up with them. Can they save Braxton and make it out with their bodies and sanity intact?   

     Torg Eternity:  

    You can now get all of our Tharkold products via our shop or DriveThruRPG! 


    • Streams 
    • This show is back to weekly! 
    • Last night Leamon Crafton streamed the 8th episode of the Blood on the Blasted land Tharkold adventure on the RollHitDie Twitch channel. Every Weds at 4pm Pacific 
    • https://www.twitch.tv/videos/918276264 



  • Eric & Robert got Chibi’s thanks to the wonderful artistry of Nadine!


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