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Ulisses Worlds news for 2/12/21. Join Tim Brown and Robert Adducci as they chat with Alida Saxon about Torg Eternity and the Orrorsh crowdfunding.

Welcome to our special guest, Alida Saxon! 

Ulisses Online Con Monthly happened last weekend and we had our best turnout for players and GMs so far! 

The next UCOM weekends are: 

  • February 26-28th 
  • March 26-28th 

If you’re a GM who wants to run games please fill out our UCOM form: https://forms.gle/6RV88xGWAkMGQ6kR8 

Register on Warhorn if you want to be notified of new games: https://warhorn.net/events/ulisses-onlinecon-weekends/ 

Both Greg Gorden and John Watson are running games that weekend. We’ll be streaming Johns games and we’re working on the details on how folks can signup with some sort of raffle or giveaway.  


  • We know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the announcement for the launch of Aventuria: Extraordinary Heroes and we have that for you now! 
  • The next Aventuria crowdfunding will start on March 2nd! 
  • We’ll post a preview link to get notifications as soon as it’s available. 

The Dark Eye: 

  • Our German team just launched our first full VTT offering in German with The Dark Eye for Foundry Virtual Tabletop! 
  • You know what that means!? Right, we’ll have The Dark Eye in English as well soon, but we don’t have a date to announce. 
  • You can watch the video where they talk about it on the Ulisses Spiele german twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/908669199  

Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • Eric recently posted a couple of updates showing off some of the molds we have for Journeyman miniatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/megacongames/myth-journeyman/posts/3089489 

Myth: Tales of Legend 

  • You can get the quickstarter for Dawn of Heroes for Pay What You Want on DriveThruRPG. 

Fading Suns:  

  • Streams 
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg have Heretical Musings the 1st and 3rd THURSDAYS of the month.  Last week they talked about campaign ideas and running Fading Suns for a new GM.  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/901121767 
    •  JM and the crew of the Oh Boii are back! They’re streaming every other Thursdays at 5:30pm Pacific and are scheduled for tonight! 
    • The crew is on the run on Shaprut And was spotted, Jexa was shot, and Calypso was captured. Can they regroup, rescue the captain, and find Jexa’s dad? Or will Dai’ryk capture Jexa and control of the Engineer’s Guild?

Torg Eternity:  

    • We smashed our funding goal in 30 minutes on day 1. 
    • We passed the $140k stretch goal and are on to the next. 
    • Eric rcently announced a $200k goal of STL files for 3d printing the Highlords. Check it out and back it now if you have and share with your friends.  
    • https://www.gameontabletop.com/cf430/torg-eternity-orrorsh-eng.html 
  • Alida, How did you get involved professionally in the industry? 
    • I met Aaron Acevedo back in 1998 on Livejournal. I was participating in an illustration group there and he contacted me about doing some art for Savage Mojo, where he was Art Director at the time. That expanded to doing Deadlands maps for Pinnacle and gradually grew from there. I’ve been an art director for Sigil since 2015.
  • What was the first Torg Eternity project you worked on? 
    • Right from the core box set. I helped Aaron with the art direction, as well as provided maps for the line. I’ve been involved in some way with every cosm since. 
    • pegportfolios@gmail.com 
  • What’s been your favorite piece of art you’ve done for Ulisses (please provide a jpg) 
    • Tough to pick, but I had a blast doing some of the ruined cityscapes for Living Lands, particularly the big battle map “Overgrown Street
  •  What’s it like to work on a project that has so many different genres?  
    • Challenging when it comes to assisting the artists with reference, or building maps that are as accurate as possible to the setting. There tends to be a fair bit of research as the next cosm gets established in production. But it also keeps it from being boring.
  • What’s your favorite Torg cosm? Why? 
    • I think the Nile Empire. It’s got that pulpy Indiana Jones / The Mummy sort of action hero vibe that’s a lot of fun. Terrible confession though – I’ve never been lucky enough to get to play a game of Torg, so I’m more familiar with it through the art than the game materials. 
  • We’re currently crowdfunding the Orrorsh cosm for Torg Eternity, tell us about some of the art you’ve done for it . 
    • I’m currently doing all the maps for the cosm. Some are still in production, but I’ve attached a trio of approved pieces. Orrorsh cosm map, Kathin Gad, and London Street Map. 
  • A new feature of this CF is the online game with Greg Gorden 
    • Five lucky backers will be randomly selected to play with Greg live on the Ulisses International Twitch channel at the end of the campaign. We’ll be drawing names from participating backers throughout the campaign, so if you pledge early, you’ll get as many as five chances to win! Drawings will be as follows: 
      • End of Day 1 
      • End of Day 2 
      • End of Week 1 
      • End of Week 2 
      • End of the Campaign 
    • We’ve had 4 winners so far! And the next one will be announced on Tuesday. 
    • To enter, you simply need to be a backer at any level on the Torg Eternity and add the raffle addon (for free) 
  • Streams 
    • Our last Ulisses Online Con Monthly panels are on Youtube, you can listen to the designers talk about Orrorsh as well as some general Torg questions from the community. 
    • Reality Raiders III our 80’s action packed Torg Eternity Game in partnership with WebDM, just wrapped up and you can find all the episodes on the WebDM Youtube channel. 
    • In partnership with WebDM we’re sponsoring a new series in honor of the Orrorsh crowdfunding. Over the next 3 Sunday’s we’ll release actual plays directly from the Delphi MIssions Orrorsh book with Rudy Basso as the GM and old favorites from the WEB DM plays previous shows and new players! The next 2 sundays at 5pm Pacific! One is up on WebDMs youtube now! 
    • Leamon Craft streamed the creation for the Resourceful Alchemist Orrorsh archetype for the #CharacterCreationChallenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oPBzw17kyw 


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  • For Ulisses Spiele, I’m Robert Adducci and this is Timothy Brown and Alida Saxon thanks for watching! 
  • Come back next week on Thursday February 18th at 9am Pacific for more Ulisses Worlds’ news