Ulisses Worlds news 10/16

Ulisses Worlds news 10/16

Ulisses Worlds news for 10/16/2020. Join Tim Brown and Robert Adducci as they chat with Eric Simon about Myth and the news from Ulisses Spiele over the last week.

Las Vegas con news 

Ulisses Con Vegas interest form: https://forms.gle/sFxUctS2anZnXYzC7 

 The Dark Eye: 

  • How to be a Great GM released intro videos and an actual play for The Dark Eye  
  • Streams 


  • We’re looking to Kickstart the Extraordinary Heroes expansions for Aventuria in the coming months. 
  • You can still get the Tabletop Simulator demo of the Treasure Hunter on the Ulisses-us site. http://ulisses-us.com/aventuria-introducing-the-treasure-hunter-demo/ 
  • Robert did an unboxing of The Tears of Fire and Inn of the Black Boar expanisions. They’re older, but it’s the first I’ve been able to tear into them. 


Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • World Book is now available on PDF and physical copies are out to the backers! The cards that were included in the World of Myth crowdfunding are available as print and play or print on demand from DriveThruRPG. 
  • Robert did a flip through of the book on his Ulisses Grab Bag Show. 


Myth: Tales of Legend 

  • JM Wrapped up his Myth: Tales of Legend – The Lost Barrow quickstart adventure. You can find that on youtube. 


Torg Eternity:  

  • We’re moving this crowdfunding to early next year and here’s why…. 
    • More buildup. 
    • Work with Covid Delays 
    • Orrorsh is a premier cosm and we want to do it justice. 
  • Torg-or-treat 
  • Streams 
    • Recently JM introduced a new player to Torg, they had a one-on-one session. 

 Fading Suns:  

  • Streams 
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg have Heretical Musings the first and third Tuesdays at 2pm Pacific. Next show is Tuesday the 20th. 
      • The last episode they flipped through the first few chapters of the Character Book and they’ll be finishing that up next time…or maybe digging into the GM book? 
    • JM Has brought the crew of the Oh Boii back! They’re streaming on Thursdays again.