Ulisses Worlds Episode 1 Shownotes

Today was our first episode of Ulisses Worlds, a news shoud about all things Ulisses. Timothy Brown our Studio Director and Robert Adducci our Community and Social Media Manager talk about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed in the future.

In episode one we talk about the current situation we find ourselves in and how it’s affecting our games and what we’re doing about it. We go over recent news for each game line and answer a couple questions along the way. Watch the show then join us next week for another show and a guest.

You can watch the show live on Thursdays at 2pm Pacific on Twitch. Then video on demand on Youtube.

Episode 1 Introduction and 2020 news through April: 

Chat Topics: 

  • Stay at Home and Play in the time of COVID-19 
  • We’ve been doing a lot of streamed games.  
    • If you’re watching this live you obviously know we have a Twitch channel , but if you’re watching this on Youtube, then, we have a twitch channel go follow and turn on notifications 
  • Conventions 

Torg Eternity:  

    • The Cyberpapcy files are in the hands of our German counterparts who are doing final layout touches before we release those to backers. 
    • The next Torg crowdfunding is Tharkold, the dates are still nebulous but we’re looking at the next couple of months. 
    • After that, later in the year or early next year we’ll head to Orrorsh! 
  • First novel finished and in editing, The Maelstrom Bridge, part of Tharkold Crowdfunding.


      • Torg Eternity Shards, studio streams are on our Youtube Channel 
      • New stream, session 0 of Storm Knights Dynamo included character creation! Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific on Twitch followed up by upload to Youtube. 
    • Torg Character Creation sessions by Robert, made a character in 2 sessions with the help of the audience. I made a Core-Earther Human Martial/Psionic Artists. These are all on Youtube. 
    • I had trouble with the fillable character sheet on the stream and a fan named Jason, Ampersands on Discord sent us a revised sheet! 

The Dark Eye: 

    • Pay What you Want on the DMsGuild 
        • TDE Core Rules 
        • Vampire of Havena 
      • Conspiracy of Mages 
    • Free Fantasy Grounds extension. 
      • Moon of Blood Mobile Video Game 
    • Scriptorium Aventuris 
    • Progress proceeds on the next Dark Eye crowdfunding, Gods of Aventuria. We don’t have a date yet, but work continues. 


Fading Suns 

  • Eric recently put out a backer only update for the recently finished Fading Suns Kickstarter, which included PDF manuscripts of the core books, Player, Universe, and GMs book as well as the Faction book and the character sheet. 
    • Admiral Nelson, a fan on Discord was given an early view of the character sheet and has nearly completed a Roll20 sheet, which will be out soon. 


      • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg are continuing their Heretical Musings show on Tuesday May 5th at 2pm Pacific time on Twitch. Now that people have PDFs in their hand they wanted to answer some fan questions. Ask your burning questions in the most recent Kickstarter update or the general KS comments section. They’ll be talking about the new rules and monsters in Sci-Fi! 
      • Character creation sessions, we created a Hazat Noble, Psionic Martial artist. I’m sensing a theme..! From the grab-bag livestream on M/W/F at 11am Pacific. 
      • Fading Suns, JMs ongoing stream of Annals of Antioch every Thursday at 5:30pm Pacific


    • We have the full complement of Aventuria products on our store at Ulisses-us.com. The core-set and all the expansions. 


Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

    • The Myth Journeyman Kickstarter has seen some updates. You can find the updates on the KS, but the gist is that work proceeds on plan, with some delays due to the current situation with the virus slowdown. For example some Myth product took a month to leave a German port, then sat in an American port for a month and is finally in our warhouse, so those are out to fans! 
  • Grimzin has also made a private TTS mod for Dawn of Heroes so our designers and playtesters can playtest the game while we’re isolated. Thanks Grim! 



Myth: Tales of Legend:  

Work on Tales of Legends is moving along with Ross Watson the Lead Designer and JM DeFoggi the Lead writer spending a lot of their time working on the project. 


    • Ross and JM are hosting a Campfire Chat every Thursday at 11am pacific, where they talk about all aspects of the game. They alternate, one week it’s rules and mechanics the next it’s story and setting topics. 

BIG News 

  • We’re working with a partner to get ALL of our RPGs out for various Virtual Tabletops. We’re hoping this happens on a timeframe of months. We’ll keep you apprised of this as it develops, but we’re very excited for it! 

Got questions? Aske them in the comments below or save them up for the live show next Thursday at 2pm on Twitch!