Torg Invades -Redacted-

Our launch date is set!

Attention Storm Knights!

The storm has interfered with our communications!

While we were busy finalizing what we thought were going to be the last details on our Kickstarter, other discussions were happening behind the scenes to add even more!

Our goal is to bring you the best Kickstarter rewards, stretch goals, and add-ons that we can, and we don’t want to ignore any possibilities. For that reason, the High Lords have asked that we give these plans just a little more time. We’ll have a fresh announcement once we know more.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and for your patience.

Limited Editions

Most of the pledge levels on the Kickstarter are unlimited, so you can show up anytime in the 30-day Kickstarter window and you’ll be fine. However, there are two with limited availability – one of which has very limited availability.

We have mentioned that there will be special editions of the Torg Eternity Rule Book. The first of these is what’s known as the Deluxe Edition, which is bound in leatherette and embossed in gold with the logo of the Delphi Council. This version is unlimited – everyone who wants one can get one, and you can get it by itself, with the GM Box, or in a “Best Deal” package. Just look for the various pledge levels with the “Deluxe” tag.

The second is the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition uses the same embossing as the Deluxe, but it is a numbered, limited release that is hand-bound in real leather. We are only printing 250 of these.

245 of them will be sold as part of the “Best Deal Limited” pledge level. This pledge level will get you the Limited Edition copy of the Rule Book, plus everything else in the Kickstarter – the GM box, all the stretch goals, and every purchasable add-on that gets unlocked throughout the campaign.

The Torg Ultimate Experience

At this point you’re probably wondering what’s happening with those other 5 Limited Editions.

The most limited pledge level we have is the “Torg Ultimate Experience.” This pledge level starts with everything in the “Best Deal Limited” pledge level. In addition, it will buy you a seat at the most exclusive game at Gen Con 2017 (badge and travel not included). This will be a game of Torg run by Darrell Hayhurst, our Torg Eternity product line manager, and you will be joined at the table by Shane Hensley, lead designer for the Torg Eternity Rule Book.

But that’s not all!

On top of this, you will also work with Aaron Acevedo and our graphics team to design the art for your own custom character, which we will then use in an upcoming Torg Eternity release!


We also have a few notes to add to our previous update.


We are happy to announce that we are partnering with VFI Asia for shipping from Hong Kong! This means that many of our fans in Asia and the Pacific rim will see much more reasonable shipping prices!

Old Torg PDFs

We’ve decided that we’re not going to sell these – we’re going to give them away! But you will have to decide how much of that archive we give away.

Sprinkled throughout our stretch goal list will be bundles of Original Torg PDFs (the first one will be for all the fiction), and each one we unlock will add a new set of PDFs to every pledge at the Digital level or higher. If we unlock all of them, then every backer gets the whole Original Torg digital library!

Best Deal Levels

We want to note one thing about the “Best Deal” pledge levels. At launch, you may notice that the value of the available add-ons plus the book and GM Box do not quite add up to the cost of those pledge levels. However, if we have any reasonable success at unlocking stretch goals, the add-on value will soon surpass the cost of the pledge level. And if we unlock everything, the “Best Deal” will become an amazing deal!

Keep watching our social media for even more news leading up to the Kickstarter! The storm is coming!