Torg Eternity Preview #12 – Villains and Foes

We’ve shown you what characters will look like and how they fight. This week we preview the villains and foes in Torg Eternity, including their special abilities, a summary of common foes, and a few sample stat blocks.

Special Abilities

Just like Storm Knights, opposing characters and creatures have Perks as well as Special Abilities.

Some common Special Abilities include:

  • Cloak of Darkness. Monsters from Orrorsh often have this ability, which gives a bonus to Toughness based on the current Darkness penalties, up to a +6!
  • Dread. Usually reserved for creatures such as dragons, t-rexes, ravagons, or technodemons. Any Scene with a Dread monster immediately becomes Dramatic.
  • Fear. Encountering a creature with Fear for the first time in an Act requires a Spirit test or the character becomes Very Stymied.
  • Large/Very Large. Attacks against large or very large creatures get a bonus to hit, but they also get a bonus to their Shock and Wounds.
  • Mindless. Creatures such as oozes, skeletons, and robots have no minds, and are immune to intimidation or taunt attacks as well as telepathy and similar abilities.
  • Possibilities. Many characters are reality-rated and divided into categories: Never, Rare, and Common. Rare and Common also include a suggested number of Possibilities. Those characters or creatures who are always reality-rated just have the number of Possibilities listed.
  • Swarm. Swarms of rats or insects cannot be affected by certain types of attacks (swords and bullets most commonly), but others automatically hit and do base damage, or others like Area of Effect attacks do normal damage.

Additionally, creatures and villains often have custom Special Abilities listed, some that replicate Perks and others that feature interesting attack modes.


It can be difficult to keep track of a large number of mooks or minions. At the GM’s option, large numbers of similar creatures can be treated as a Mob. Each time the Mob takes Shock equal to a member’s Shock limit, one of them is KO’ed. Wounds also take out Mob members as usual.


Named villains are often the toughest opponents Storm Knights can face. But not all of them are combat monsters and some have more strategic abilities.

  • Minions. When a villain is near his minions and injured by an attack, he can make a reality skill test to have the attack transferred to a minion instead. You might imagine the insidious Wu Han of the Nile Empire takes advantage of this frequently!
  • Gloater. Villains who are great at intimidation or taunt attacks are often gloaters who have their minions do their dirty work for them. When taunt or intimidation is an Approved Action, the villain can attack the entire group of Storm Knights without Multi-Targeting penalties, and in addition to the interaction effect, a success takes a Destiny card at random from each player’s hand!.
  • Insidious. Villains like Wu Han often have another ability. When he succeeds at an Approved Action, he discards a Destiny card (GM’s choice) from the affected Storm Knight’s Action Pool.

Sample Foes

Here are a few sample stat blocks included in the core book:


Do You Want to Know More?

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