Tharkold Reward Levels

For those of you who like to plan things before a crowdfunding launch, we want to go over the basics of the Tharkold campaign that is coming up this week, Tuesday June 23rd.

Note that there are a couple of important clarifications here. First of all, we will not be adding new products during the campaign. To avoid confusion, we want to show you everything that will be available. We are also significantly limiting the physical stretch goals to just the items that will eventually become the GM Pack. We want to make sure everyone sees that the bundles are great deals right up front.

by Dimitar Spasov

Tharkold a la Carte – $40

One of the advantages of building a campaign directly in GameOn Tabletop is that we don’t have to create separate reward levels for every possible combination of items you might want.

This reward level starts with a physical and PDF copy of the Tharkold Sourcebook, and then you can select individual add-ons to your heart’s content. Just want the books? No problem! Just want the main book and a couple of accessories? Easy.

Also, every add-on is available from launch, so you can decide right away what you want to get.

Tharkold Digital – $80

This is the big PDF bundle for those who want it all digitally.

This reward level gets you every digital product, including any PDF stretch goals we unlock. This is a total retail value of $115 worth of PDFs, not including any digital-only content.

Note that you can still get physical add-ons with this reward level, but that shipping even a single small item has a minimum base rate.

Tharkoldu Vault – $225

This is everything, and we mean everything. For those of you who have seen past Torg Eternity campaigns, please be aware that we are not doing any add-ons that aren’t automatically in the big box. In addition to everything you’re used to seeing, this includes one each of the new Tharkold acrylic token packs and a fold-up dice tray.

Total retail value is $255 before stretch goals.

Tharkoldu Vault Deluxe – $250

Same as the Vault, but this one replaces the regular hardcover copy of the Sourcebook with a deluxe leatherette edition. Total retail value is $280 before stretch goals.

by Bien Flores Unique Soparie

Tharkold Sourcebook Limited – $115 Add-On

The limited leather edition of the Tharkold Sourcebook may only be purchased as an add-on. It cannot be used to replace the book in your Vault.

Create an Archetype – $250 Add-on

What other heroes will we find in the Blasted Land? What other operatives secretly work against Volkov’s agenda? Who else is out here just surviving…or even thriving?

You tell us!

With this add-on, you gain a unique opportunity to add to the lore of Torg Eternity by creating a custom Tharkold archetype with the designers, including stats, description, progression options, and art. They will then be released as a digital product once all the archetypes are complete.

And because we’re setting this up as an add-on rather than a pledge level, you can get a Tharkoldu Vault AND create your own archetype for $20 cheaper than past custom archetype rewards. There will be 16 slots available for $250 each. They are limited at 1 add-on per backer.

Note on Stretch Goals

We will be talking more about this as we get into the campaign, but many of our stretch goals this time around are going to focus on generating new streaming content for everyone. We know that a pay-up-front campaign often means that people choose not to keep coming back to the page, so instead we’ll come to you!

Keep an eye on our social media and other updates for information on live Q&A sessions, actual plays, and more!