Pan-Pacifica Preview #7 – Archetypes

Pan-Pacifica Preview #7 – Archetypes

This time we take a look at the archetypes included with the Pan-Pacifica GM Screen and Archetypes product, part of the Pan-Pacifica crowdfunding which launches May 23.

Art by Don Tantiado and Unique Soparie


As with all the other waves, this wave includes 16 new archetypes from Pan-Pacifica, Core Earth, and even Kadandra, one of the cosms invaded and controlled by Marketplace, the origin cosm of Pan-Pacifica. These archetypes include:

  • Naval Agent (Core Earth)
  • Priest of Palan (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Kadandran Prodigy (Kadandra)
  • Pop Icon (Core Earth)
  • Corporate Assassin (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Everyday Hero (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Feline Transhumanist (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Pickpocket Artist (Pan-Pacifica)
  • “Reformed” Grifter (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Operational Mastermind (Core Earth)
  • Wily Netrunner (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Patriot Arms Pilot (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Psychic Mutant (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Professional Rugger (Core Earth)
  • Aquatic Chimera (Pan-Pacifica)
  • Gekko Pilot (Pan-Pacifica)

Here’s a sample archetype, the Kadandran Prodigy, which serves as the basis for the returning classic Torg character, Hachi Mara-Two!

And as a bonus, here’s her profile for this version of the Possibility Wars:

Coming Soon!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting different parts of the upcoming products for Pan-Pacifica including new Perks, psionic powers, miracles, warzones, and Threats. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!