Pan-Pacifica Preview #11 – Perks

Pan-Pacifica Preview #11 – Perks

The Pan-Pacifica Kickstarter is in progress! This time we take a look at some Perks that Pan-Pacifica Storm Knights can select, many of which support the archetypes included with the GM Screen.


Many of these are new Perks, but some are Backer Archetype Perks integrated into the main text (e.g. Arms Deal and Dark Past), some from the Beta Primer (e.g. Killshot), and a few are edits, either to improve weak Perks (e.g. Speed Demon and Whirlwind) or to reorganize them given some of the new content in the book (e.g. Ion Gosuku is a Power Suit Perk, Speed Demon is now a Prowess Perk and Unflinching is a Vitality Perk).

On the right side, you see some sample new Perks:

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Coming Soon!

In the coming days, we’ll highlight upcoming products for Pan-Pacifica including new miracles, Threats, as well as the new adventure, Operation: Soft Sell. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!

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