Orrorsh Preview #9 – Miracles

Orrorsh Preview #9 – Miracles

Sacellum Priest Art by Don Tantiado and Basith Ibrahim

Sacellum Priest Art by Don Tantiado and Basith Ibrahim

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In this preview, we take a look at the religion of the Victorians: the Sacellum!

The Sacellum

The Sacellum is the primary religion of the Victorians of Gaea. On the surface, it appears to be a form of Christianity; somewhere between Catholicism and Protestantism. Rituals, belief in saints as intermediates between the faithful and God, prayers, and other beliefs are very similar to the Catholic or even Cyberpapal churches. But the lack of central leadership, opulent cathedrals, and colorful vestments with a plain, more puritanical visage makes it seem, on first glance, a Protestant sect.

Shortly after the Victorians encountered the Horrors of Orrorsh that the Gaunt Man had brought to Gaea, an explorer in the Holy Land found an ancient copy of the New Testament written on vellum parchment in a language very similar to Coptic of Core Earth. Gone from these gospels were the themes of love and redemption. Gone were the tenets of loving thy neighbor as thyself and turning the other cheek.

Although seemingly small, the differences are stark and plain to see by anyone with a copy of the New Testament and Sacellum. Over time the message of the Sacellum: fire and brimstone, punishment and fear supplanted the message of love and forgiveness. The faith grew. What started as a small offshoot sect of Christianity quickly gained power and recognition because the Sacellum’ s message of a harsh and unforgiving God who sent punishment and eternal damnation to sinners was much more understandable to a populace being assaulted by Orrorsh. The message of a loving and caring God was counter to the reality of horror. The Jesus of the Sacellum himself used violence and a whip to drive sinners from the Temple, and ordered his disciples to buy and arm themselves with swords.

The subtle changes; an additional or omitted word here and there altered the meaning of the New Testament completely. But the Sacellum was understandable to Victorian society. A God who punished mankind for sinning, one who let the Great Evil unleash his wrath upon a sinful world, and one whose priests were able to repel and defeat horrors matched the reality that faced the Victorians and the Sacellum soon supplanted all other forms of Christianity.

What is unknown to the Victorians is that the Gaunt Man played a role in the creation of the Sacred Vellum. The explorer who found the writing had been Corrupted himself. His initial desire to find the “true Christian faith” became the first step in spreading a corrupt religion.

Faith Perks

The Orrorsh Sourcebook provides new Faith Perks to support those who follow the Sacellum.



The priests of the Sacellum have access to their own list of miracles:

and here is an example of one of the new miracles:



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