Employees of Ulisses North America

Fighters for the good, helpers in need and discoverers of new worlds

Get a digital look behind the scenes of Germany’s largest publisher of roleplaying games: Here the complete team of Ulisses Spiele introduces itself. Find out who is on the editorial staff for Das Schwarze Auge, who packs the packages for the F-Shop, who posts the cat pictures on Instagram or keeps the whole system running. If you want to learn something about the past or the favorite games of the staff, this is the right place to be!

Markus Plötz


Working in the hobby games industry since he turned 18, Markus started out as a salesman for WDS, at that time the premiere RPG distributor in Germany. After his apprenticeship he left to study economics but could not keep himself from reentering the games industry, despite his best efforts. He bought “Ulisses Spiele,” a tiny games distributor and over a span of 15 years managed to change a near bankrupt company with no employees into one of the leading hobby games companies in Germany.


Now the company has over 30 employees and just brought Europe’s biggest RPG The Dark Eye to the US. In the coming months two other big game lines await their release, establishing Ulisses Spiele as one of the premiere RPG companies in the US. Ulisses is also a long-time partner of industry giants like Privateer Press (Warmachine & Hordes), Paizo (Pathfinder RPG), and many others working relentlessly to bring great games to Germany–and now the world!

Timothy Brown

Studio Director

Timothy Brown is the award-winning designer of Dark Sun and 2300AD, and was Director of Creative Services at TSR supervising the best of the AD&D game worlds, including Ravenloft and Planescape. He is a Brand Manager for Pinnacle Entertainment Group and recently ran his own successful Kickstarter campaign to launch an original new game world, Dragon Kings.

Darrell Hayhurst

Product Line Manager

Darrell Hayhurst is a freelance writer and designer who has worked on both tactical games and roleplaying games. He helped design Hard Vacuum, the WWII retro-futurist space combat game by Fat Messiah. He has written for Savage RIFTS and Codex Infernus for the Savage Worlds system. And he has worked with Third Eye Games on Ninja Crusade and the upcoming AMP: Year Three.

Bill Bridges

Product Line Manager

Bill Bridges is a writer and game designer, most known for developing White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting and HDI’s Fading Suns science-fiction universe. His fiction works include My Time Among the Stars for Fading Suns, and The Silver Crown, The Last Battle, and The Song of Unmaking novels for Werewolf. Bill contributed to world design for Segasoft’s Emperor of the Fading Suns computer game, and co-wrote the scripts for Viacom’s interactive horror movie Dracula Unleashed and Interplay’s Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.

Ross Watson

Product Line Manager

Ross Watson is an award-winning game designer and author. He helped design games like Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Savage Rifts, and Torg: Eternity. Ross was the Senior RPG Developer supervising several game lines at FFG, including Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch. Ross also helped successfully Kickstart Accursed, his own unique setting for Savage Worlds.

Aaron Acevedo

Art Director

Aaron Acevedo has worked in the tabletop games industry for 20 years, with a wide range of production experiences: editing, development, graphic design, layout, illustration, and writing. In 2005, he started his own design company, Sigil Entertainment Group, providing a wide variety of art production services to a diverse clientele, including Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Savage Mojo, Atlas Games, Onyx Path Publishing, and more. He has worked on A Song of Ice & Fire, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Flash Gordon, Savage Worlds, Torg Eternity, Unknown Armies, Wheel of Time, and World of Darkness properties, among others, and produces art and design for bands, comics, films, games, and concept work. He lives in the Amsterdam, New York with his wife, Jeannine, and works with artists around the globe on a daily basis.

Eric Simon

Kickstarter Coordinator

Eric Simon is the writer and publisher behind the Steamscapes setting for Savage Worlds. He has written for Pinnacle’s Savage Tales of Horror and for Time Cellist by Wheel Tree Press. He also recently released Rockalypse, a new setting for Fate.

Shane Lacy Hensley

Torg Eternity Design Team

Shane got his start in the RPG industry working on the original Torg, and he’s thrilled to be the lead designer on Torg Eternity! Shane is best known for creating Deadlands, Savage Worlds, and a host of other settings such as 50 Fathoms, Rippers, Hell on Earth, Weird Wars, and more.


He also wrote for Dungeons & Dragons, most notably working with Ulisses Studio Director Tim Brown on TSR’s smash hit, Dark Sun. Shane has also served as an Executive Producer on various video games, written numerous novels and short stories, designed a number of card, video, and miniature games.

Deanna Gilbert

Torg Eternity Design Team

Torg was Deanna’s first foray outside of Dungeons and Dragons and it left a lasting impression on her. Based in the remote Delphi Council staging point of Kamloops, British Columbia, Deanna is the proclaimed “reality guru” of Torg Eternity. Her previous credits include the Annihilation Event book for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and several books in the Firefly Role-Playing Game line.