Living Land Preview #4 – Wonders

One of the most important and interesting additions to the Living Land are the Wonders, supported by the World Law of the same name. These mysterious ruins and fantastical locations appear and disappear randomly anywhere in the Living Land, and even below the surface!  The reason for these wonders is unknown. Baruk Kaah believes that these ruins are trophies or monuments to his victories. Others warn that the lost worlds are warnings, reminders of mistakes of the past. And some believe that this is a way Lanala is trying to expunge the corruption that is Baruk Kaah and his Darkness Device, as the wonders provide tools, relics, and information useful to the defenders of Core Earth.

Lost Worlds

Each of these lost worlds is unique, and is an opportunity for Torg Eternity GMs to flex their creative muscles. Any idea for a pocket cosm can fit, allowing Storm Knights to explore new worlds without having to leave the Possibility Wars entirely. They even provide explanations for the appearance of characters from unique cosms, the last survivors of a world destroyed by a High Lord.

Many wonders remain fully within the Living Land reality (with some tweaks provided by the Law of Wonders), but others can be partial or full fledged realities of their own, complete with their own set of axioms or World Laws.

Amazing Science and Engineering

The Law of Wonders has an immense impact on what people can find in the ruins that appear. Ruins of both high tech and high magic worlds can be found in each mysterious location. The Law of Wonders allows the creation of monuments and buildings that would otherwise not be possible under Living Land axioms, and also explains why the cities of Core Earth remain, albeit in ruined form, instead of transforming completely.

The Law of Wonders also allows strange devices to still lie around, waiting to be discovered, and many times these are found in the wonders themselves. Most surprisingly to natives of the Nile Empire, pulp powers and weird science devices function without contradiction near and within these ruins.

Wonderous Examples

Several examples of lost worlds are included in the Living Land Sourcebook, including one which hints at other races and civilizations from the Original Torg story.

However, the most impressive wonder of them all is actually detailed in The God Box, the adventure that will be released alongside the Living Land Sourcebook. In that we reveal a domed world known as Merretika (a.k.a. the Land Below), complete with many fan favorites like the Pyrian Fire Tamers, the Leopard Warriors, and yes, even the Darooni Wasp Riders! Some believe that Merretika is a lifeboat for survivors of cosms attacked by Baruk Kaah, for many who flee into the caves that open when the Living Land invades find themselves in the domed world.

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