Living Land Preview #14 – Living Land Soundtrack

This week we have something a bit different for you. Just like with the Kickstarter for the Torg Eternity core rules, one of the stretch goals for the Living Land Kickstarter is a soundtrack, with all the songs featuring the Living Land. The music is composed by Ralf Kurtsiefer, who also composed the music for the Torg Eternity soundtrack.

First as a general note, these previews are still works in progress and are not the final versions. You can listen to the preview tracks here:

This preview starts with “Jungle Trails,” which is meant for a journey early in the adventure, but also could be used anytime the Storm Knights go from one place to another within the Living Land.

Next up is “Dino Attack,” which is meant to be played for random encounters, but especially for when the Dino Attack Cosm card is played.

The last song in the preview is “The God Box,” and that title is not a coincidence. This soundtrack is connected directly to the adventure written by Shane Hensley, and the different tracks accompany different sections and elements of the adventure. The main theme starts off similarly to the Living Land music in the Torg Eternity soundtrack and then moves to themes prevalent for this adventure.

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