Fading Suns Bundle of Holding +2

Bundle of Holding has announced a new Fading Suns bundle!

This bundle has been launched partially to correct an error in the January bundle but mostly to offer you a pile of new stuff. Here’s the description from BoH:

Adventurer! With this Fading Suns Bundle +2 — sequel to our January offer featuring Fading Suns, Holistic Design‘s tabletop science-fantasy roleplaying game of a darkening stellar empire — we fix an error. We thought our January offer presented the Fading Suns Revised Second Edition rulebook (2009) from RedBrick Limited; instead that offer mistakenly provided the Revised rulebook (2012) from FASA Games. Oops.

But don’t call the Inquisition — now this all-new sequel really, truly gives you RedBrick’s 2E Revised rules (this time we mean it), plus a galaxy of supplements with everything you need to guide humanity’s fate across the Known Worlds in the sixth millennium. In this new Dark Age, feudal lords vie for power with fanatic priests and scheming guilds. Nobles, priests, knights — starships, psychics, aliens — lost worlds and ancient artifacts — all these await you in Fading Suns.

Fading Suns Social Media

We’ve decided that it’s time to start inviting fans to join the discussion about Fading Suns as we move into development on the new edition. We’ve started an official Facebook page here:


And we have added a Fading Suns section to our official forums:


And since the official Gen Con event catalog is now out, you may want to know about our seminar, where you’ll be able to hear from Bill Bridges about the new version!