Why You Should Play an Elf from Aysle



The Elves of Aysle have a dark past that drives many to Earth to battle alongside Lady Ardinay.  You may not even be privy to what that secret is, but it hangs over your leaders and elders like a dark cloud. A hundred years ago Uthorion’s Rage nearly wiped out the elves, but his rampage ended before all was lost. Your allies the dwarves weren’t so lucky. Perhaps the secret that drives your people is nothing more than survivor’s guilt. Either way, you feel a duty to ensure that no other world suffers the same fate the elves nearly did.

You may be a young elf, born after that period and raised on stories of elven heroism. You may be a cynical veteran of those battles who knows better. Regardless, you’ve fought Uthorion’s vile forces before, and you know what needs to be done to defeat them.


Your race is a graceful one. You have a natural agility that extends beyond training. Your sharp eyes pierce the dark of night. Elves are also highly attuned to the magic that fills Aysle, but you’re more easily fatigued in areas with little arcane energy. Elven sorcerers are among the most skilled and powerful spellcasters of Aysle, or any cosm for that matter. With training, you may even avoid taking backlash when you fail to cast a spell. That affinity comes at a cost: you tire easily in realms where magic isn’t abundant.

Magic isn’t the only path for an elf though. You may be a Warden, an expert with the bow and nearly undetectable in the forests and shadows. You might even be bound to one of the legendary White Wolves, a loyal companion who fights (and sleeps) by your side.  These wise beasts are as much spirit as flesh. They are drawn to the worthy and protect their bonded Warden with vicious tenacity.

Come join the Delphi Council, elf. Your skills are desperately needed!