What’s New with The Dark Eye

While we’ve been wrapping up fulfillment on the Aventuria Compendium Kickstarter, we have also been working on exciting new Dark Eye® material. Many of you have expressed curiosity about our plans, so we wanted to catch you up on new developments.

But before we do, we want to say we are thrilled to be nominated for an Origins Award. This nomination puts us in some amazing company, and we are honored to be recognized. Thank you, GAMA!

Theater Knights

We’re moving full steam ahead on the 6-part Theater Knights campaign. As you know, the first two adventures are available. The most exciting news is that we have brought on additional staff specifically for The Dark Eye®. They will focus on the rest of the campaign even as we work on other Dark Eye® products. With their help, we will release Part 3, and possibly Part 4 as well, before it’s time for the Aventuria Magic Kickstarter. We will continue this focus until we finish all six books, plus the Theater Knights GM Screen and the Legacy of the Theater Knights supplement!

Aventuria Magic

Aventuria Magic is a very useful and important supplement for all kinds of spellcasters and those who fight them. We know a lot of you are looking forward to this book, and we’re excited to get it to you soon.

We will have a Kickstarter this year for Aventuria Magic that will also include many other related products. We’re working on many new ideas to make this Kickstarter special. Our aim is to have this be our most amazing campaign yet!

Bringing New Players into the Dark Eye Family

While we’re working on all these products, we are also working on growing the Dark Eye player community.

You already know that The Dark Eye® is an engaging game with a deep and lavish setting. After all, you helped give this game an ENnie! Now we want to honor your dedication by getting even more people to experience the world of Aventuria!

We’ll have more details about that in the coming weeks, but we hope that we can count on your help! We will be introducing some ways we’re developing for you to get directly involved in growing the community, and we’d also love any ideas you might have about sharing the amazing play experience that The Dark Eye® has to offer. Please email us at feedback@ulisses-spiele.de with your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again, and may the Twelve bless you.