Warring Kingdoms Preview – New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels

Adventuring in the Warring Kingdoms is fraught with danger, and it is easy for travelers to get caught up in the bitter conflict that pervades the region. Even a wedding intended to unite the two nations in peace may not be safe…

New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels is a full-length adventure by Marco Findeisen that puts the heroes right into the middle of the current strife-ridden politics of Andergast and Nostria. It can act as the launching point for more exploration of the region, or it can be the culmination of other work the heroes have done for one side or the other.

We can’t preview too much without giving away some very important spoilers, but we can offer a few images along with the text from the back of the book:

Deep hatred has divided the inhabitants of the Warring Kingdoms since the dawn of history. Now, a daring alliance promises to change everything and pave the way to forgiveness. All hope hinges on an arranged marriage taking place in a long-disputed border town. But not everyone in Nostria and Andergast longs for peace, and someone abducts the bride!

To prevent another disastrous war between the realms, the heroes set out to scour the Warring Kingdoms for the bride and bring her abductor to justice. Along the way, they face the dangers of the forest and the Ingval River’s rushing waters. If they fail, the alliance will disintegrate and the land will drown in blood. The fate of the Warring Kingdoms rests in the heroes’ hands…



Look for New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels in the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter!