Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter Preview

We’re trying something a little different with the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter, which will be launching next Friday, June 23rd!

We know that dedicated fans of The Dark Eye are eager to get these books and accessories into play, and people who are new to The Dark Eye are eager to find a good starting point for their adventures. So this Kickstarter will be a quick one. We’re running a 14-day campaign, and we’re focusing on what we know you want.

First, the reward levels are designed for your ease of use. You can either get just the book (and purchase individual add-ons afterwards) or you can get the book and all the add-ons.

With both of these physical rewards, you can order any version of the book that you like. Just add $25 for the green Deluxe leatherette or $75 for the black leather Limited Edition. Unlike with previous Dark Eye Kickstarters, we are printing exactly as many Limited Editions as are ordered – no more, no less.

We have numerous add-ons, all associated with the stories, people, magic, weapons, and even music of Nostria and Andergast. Everyone will find something they want for their particular play style. Or you can choose the Physical Collection reward level and get everything!

The other advantage we have with a short campaign is that we can focus on the most-requested types of stretch goals, especially those items that require some preparation on our part. So we just have a few stretch goals consisting of Heralds, Heroic Works Adventures, and a couple of accessories.

And because our time frame is shortened, we’ve already started laying out and printing everything involved in this Kickstarter. We’re going to get everything to you eventually anyway, but if we unlock those stretch goals, backers will get them for free!

And another reason we want to turn around the Kickstarter very quickly is that we are including a reward level for 5 lucky backers attending Gen Con 2017 – a game run by Orkenspalter TV with Markus joining you at the table as a fellow adventurer! We want our American fans to get to know our German team better, so we are excited about this opportunity!

We’ll have more details on reward level and add-on price lists early next week, so keep watching out for those!