Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter Launch Time and Rules Preview

Our official Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter launch time is now

Friday, June 23rd – 10am Eastern/2pm UTC/4pm Germany

Since last week’s post, we have had some printer changes (for the special editions) that will necessitate some adjustments to our reward levels. Because of Origins, we did not get a chance to make those updates last week, so we need just two extra days before the launch.

We’re scrambling a little bit behind the scenes to make the necessary changes, but we’ll let you know more of those final details as we get closer to Friday so that you have time to plan.

In the meantime, here’s a full-page preview from the Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook, highlighting a few of the new spells available to witches, druids, and guild mages!

We’ll have more previews of all the different products throughout the week!