Ulisses Worlds news 7/31

Ulisses Worlds news 7/31

Ulisses Worlds news for 7/31/2020. Join Tim Brown and Robert Adducci as they chat with Eric Simon about Myth and the news from Ulisses Spiele over the last week.

Episode 13 7/30 Eric Simon 

We’d like to welcome Eric Simon to the show! 

Eric is the line developer for Aventuria and Myth: Dawn of Heroes and he’s our crowdfunding manager, putting together all the details of each campaign and making them run smoothly. 

Welcome Eric! 


  • Ulisses Online Convention was last weekend and we had a blast!  
  • What did you enjoy most about the convention TIm? 
  • How about you Eric?  
  • You can catch all of the panels and actual-play games on our Twitch playlist.  
  • If you missed it, you’ll definitely want to catch the North American Keynote by Timothy Brown for what we’ve been up to and what we’ll be doing in the future across all our gamelines. 


Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • At the convention last weekend we released a Dawn of Heroes demo game. You can print and play with physical cards or you can play on Table Top Simulator.  
  • What’s the community sentiment about the demo Eric? 
  • You can catch Eric’s playthrough of the demo on Twitch, this sound is a bit crackly, but we’re working on gettting a new recording up for it this weekend. 
  • Eric what are your plans for that? 
  • What are the next steps for Dawn of Heroes? 

Myth: Tales of Legend: 

  • During their Myth: Tales of Legend panel Ross and JM talked about the Lost Barrow, the Myth Tales of Legend RPG Quickstart that we released last week. 
  • Eric, what do you think about the Quickstart? 
  • What’s something that the RPG team has done that’s effected the board game? 
  • Streams 

Fading Suns:  

  • Bill had a great conversation about Factions at the Ulisses Online Con this past weekend. You can catch him chatting with several of the authors of the new books.  
  • Streams 
  • Tonight GM JM Defoggi and his crew play Fading Suns at 5:30pm Pacific time on Twitch.  Curse of the Abandoned. 
  • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg Heretical Musings show every other Tuesday at 2pm Pacific. The next episode is August 4th. 



  • The next Aventuria crowdfunding is targeted for September. 
  • What can you tell us about that crowdfunding Eric? 
  • You can find Erics playthroughs of Aventuria solo adventures on Youtube. 


Torg Eternity:  

  • We know some folks have been asking about a late pledge period and we’re looking into it. We’ll let you know if that’s going to happen as soon as we know. 
    •  There will be a late pledge, just waiting on the details.
  • Streams 
  • stream, The Four Horsemen Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific on Twitch followed up by upload to Youtube. This game is GMd by JM DeFoggi and features Ross Watson, a Torg Eternity designer as a player! 
  • How to be a Great GM recently put up a great review on Youtube. He‘s also done a short video on the setting and one on the Delphi Council. His next video is about game prep followed by an actual play! 
  • Grant Ellis is a video producer who’ll be putting out a Torg Eternity stream on the WebDM channel. He put out a call for players on Twitter. If you think you’d make a good player for a livestream reach out! 


The Dark Eye: 

  • The crowdfunding is for the Gods of Aventuria book and the Theater Knights campaign books 4-6. 
  • We’re at 177 backers and nearly $32k 
  • The next stretch goal is chapters 6-8 of the Kor Vadecum at $35k 
  • Previews of the content are at Ulisses-us.com 
  • Streams 
      • I played once with a community member, which was fun. If you’re interested message me on the Discord and you can join! 
    • When JM was on a work trip a couple weeks ago GM Mark took the crew through Late Mail, an adventure from Tales of Dragons and Thieves. All three parts are up on Youtube 
    • Red Moon Roleplay all 3 sessions of “Justice and Noble Valor” online . This is a pre-recorded actual play that takes place over 3 hours of play. It’s both a Youtube video and Podcast 
      • All 3 one hour sessions have been released.  
  • Grant Ellis is also producing an actual play show for The Dark Eye on the WebDM channel. He put out a call for players on Twitter. If you think you’d make a good player for a livestream reach out! 



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  • For Ulisses Spiele, I’m Robert Adducci and this is Timothy Brown and Eric Simon thanks for watching! 
  • Come back back next Thursday at 9am Pacific for more Ulisses Worlds’ news