Ulisses Worlds Ep2 with Ross Watson

Today was our second episode of Ulisses Worlds, a news show about all things Ulisses. Timothy Brown our Studio Director and Robert Adducci our Community and Social Media Manager talk about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed in the future.

You can watch the show live on Thursdays at 2pm Pacific on Twitch. Then video on demand on Youtube.

Episode 2 Ross Watson: 

Chat Topics: 

  • Stay at Home and Play in the time of COVID-19.  
      • This is the last week to get the Dark Eye as PWYW, so be sure to grab them before the weekend ends! 
    • Watch out next week for a new Stay at Home and Play announcement! 
  • Conventions 
    • Origins has been delayed until later in the year October 7-11, but they’re throwing Origins Online June 19-21st. If you’re interested in running any of our games please send us an email to Contact@ulisses-spiele.com

The Dark Eye: 

    • This is the last week to get the Dark Eye as PWYW, so be sure to grab them before the weekend ends! 
    • Play it Forward campaign: Through May 17th all Scriptorium Aventuris creators get 100% royalty rate on DriveThruRPG and all products are 20% off! OBS and Ulisses have given up their percentage to give to the creators.  
      • 12 playable professions, directly taken from The Dark Eye 
      • 4 playable species out of The Dark Eye 
      • Varied quests and tasks 
      • Singleplayer or coop game 
      •  Extensive character creation possibilities 
      •  Char creation and char development using Inrah card sets! 
      •  Hand-painted graphics made from famous artists within the The Dark Eye universe 
      •  Exciting solo stories 
      •  A plethora of well-known places, characters and enemies from the The Dark Eye universe 
  • Streams 

Fading Suns:  

  • Admiral Nelson, a fan on Discord was given an early view of the character sheet for Roll20! 
  • Print Friendly Character sheet at Ulisses-us.com/download 


    • Tonight is the Finale of the Annals of Antioch stream! Join GM JM Defoggi and his crew at 5:30pm Pacific time on Twitch. 
  • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg continued their Heretical Musings show on Tuesday at 2pm pacific and it will continue every 2 weeks.  


  • Streams 
      • On Saturday’s we’ve been uploading videos of Eric Simon playing solo adventures. Check them out on Saturdays at 11am pacific! This week he tackles Tears of Fire on Saturday at 11am pacific! 


Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

    • A fan Grimzin has made a great Tabletop Simulator mod for Classic Myth. You can check that out in the mods section for TTS on Steam. 
  • Streams 

Torg Eternity:  

    • The Cyberpapcy files are in the hands of our German counterparts who are doing final layout touches before we release those to backers. 
    • The next Torg crowdfunding is Tharkold, the dates are still nebulous but we’re looking at the next couple of months. 
    • After that, later in the year or early next year we’ll head to Orrorsh! 
    • First novel finished and in editing, The Maelstrom Bridge, part of THarkold Crowdfunding 


    • New stream, The Four Horsemen Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific on Twitch followed up by upload to Youtube. You can get Session 0 and 1 out now. 

People really wanted to hear from Ross on that stream, we didn’t have him then…but we have him now! 

Ross Introduction/ Myth: Tales of Legend: 

    • Introduce Ross as the Lead Designer on Torg Eternity Living LandMyth Tales of Legend, Wrath & Glory and designer: Torg Eternity. And he’s part of the Torg Eternity Four Horsemen stream on Tuesday at 5:30 pacific. 
  • Ross, tell us about working on the Living Land. 
    • The very first thing created for Torg Eternity! 
  • Ross, what is Myth: Tales of Legend 
    • What sort of game mechanics does it use? 
  • Who’s involved? 
  • WHat updates about Myth Tales of Legend do you have?  
  • What kind of timeframe are you looking at for the KS? 
  • Streams