Ulisses Worlds 6/4 featuring Bill Bridges

Episode 6 for the week of June 4th. Dive in and see what we’re up to with special guest, Bill Bridges, Fading Suns Line Developer.


Episode 6 Bill Bridges: 


    • Together with our German colleagues will work together to create a continuous convention experience for the entire weekend. 
    • The streaming program will run on our Twitch channel. A Discord server will be spun up for the RPG sessions. 
    • To help you get the convention experience at home, you can order a convention package from us on our ounline shop next week.  
    • The Ulisses Online Con package includes  
      • a convention cup,  
      • convention dice,  
      • a convention t-shirt,  
      • program booklet  
    • Information about the exact program and our international guests appearances on livestreams will follow in the next few days and weeks. 
  • GenCon is has been cancelled, but they’re doing a GenConOnline on the same dates (July 30th-August 2nd) 

Torg Eternity:  

  • Torg Eternity Cyberpapcy PDFs were released last week. 
    •  So backers have been devouring them and people who missed the crowdfunding are slavering.  
    • Once the backers have their content shipped we’ll open up purchase for the general public of both physical and PDF products. 
    • The State of the Possibility wars in Russia 
    • Tharkold Axioms 
    • The Tharkold world laws 
      • Law of Conservation of Evil 
      • Law of Cynicism 
      • Law of Haunts 
    • It features a brand new Torg Eternity Quickstart called Up the Creek. The quickstart is a 1 hour demo and includes pregenerated characters, a map, and monster blips. 
    • We recently added the Day 1 Adventures and GM screen and archteypes as Pay What you Want. 
  • Streams 


  • Streams 

Myth: Tales of Legend: 

  • Streams 
    • Ross and JM are hosting a Campfire Chat every Thursday at 11am pacific, where they talk about all aspects of the game. They alternate, one week it’s rules and mechanics the next it’s story and setting topics.  
    • Last week’s show was about the ins and outs of Combat and today’s show will be a lore show about the soot stained bastion of Blackwall. 

Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • We’ll have more articles about Myth Dawn of Heroes up tomorrow. You can catch prior  articles on the Acolyte and the Hunter up on the website and Youtube. 

The Dark Eye: 

  • Gods of Aventuria crowdfunding has been given a date: July 21st – August 11th 
  • The crowdfudning is for the Gods of Aventuria book and the Theater Knights campaign books 4-6. 
  • There have been more teasers from the Book of Heroes CRPG. It’s scheduled to come out June 9th 
  • Streams 


Fading Suns:  

  • We have with us today, special guest Bill Bridges. You might know Bill from his work on Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Make: The Awakening, Promethean, Star Trek, and of course Fading Suns. 
  • Welcome Bill! 
  • Give us the elevator pitch of Fading Suns for those who are new to the game. 
  • Back in May the Kickstarter raised $184k with 1,000 backers. Congrats Bill! 
  • The manuscript PDFs of for the main books are out to backers. What’s the response been? 
  • Late Pledge for Fading Suns is now open on GameOnTabletop. If you missed the Fading Suns or want to add more to your KS pledge you can!  It ends June 7th. 
  • Since the KS has ended how have you been spending your leisure time?  😊 
  • How have fans influenced the game? 
  • What’s you longterm vision for the line? 
  • Streams 
    • Tonight GM JM Defoggi and his crew play Fading Suns at 5:30pm Pacific time on Twitch. The new arc is called: Curse of the Abandoned. 
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg continued their Heretical Musings show. The next episode is next week and continues every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 2pm pacific.  
  • Bill, what’s your experience been doing a regular Fading Suns show? 


Guest Outro: Bill where can we find you online? 

Facebook author page: Bill Bridges

Twitter: @BBridges

Discord: Guiseppe Alustro#0700



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