Ulisses Worlds 6/11 featuring Greg Gorden

This episodes we talk about all thing Ulisses Spiele in English. We talk with Greg Gorden and give a date for the Torg Eternity Tharkold crowdfunding and news about Cyberpapcy product shipping.


Episode 7 Greg Gorden 


    • July 24-26th brings Ulisses Online Convention. 
    • Together with our German colleagues will work together to create a continuous convention experience for the entire weekend. 
    • We’re working on gett our schedule together so you can register for games 
    • To help you get the convention experience at home, you can order a convention package from us on our online shop.  
    • The Ulisses Online Con package includes  
      • a convention cup,  
      • convention dice,  
      • a convention t-shirt,  
      • TDE, FS, and Torg printed products 
  • GenCon is has been cancelled, but they’re doing a GenConOnline on the same dates (July 30th-August 2nd) 


  • The next products are being proofed in English, so we’re in initial talks on planning the next crowdfunding. 
  • Streams 

Myth: Tales of Legend: 

  • Streams 
    • Ross and JM are hosting a Campfire Chat every Thursday at 11am pacific, where they talk about all aspects of the game. They alternate, one week it’s rules and mechanics the next it’s story and setting topics. This week’s is Combat, part 2 and next week is the Riverlands. 

Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • Hero Design Spotlight articles and videos have been going up week. So far we’ve put out: 
  • We have Eric Simon to bring you the latest Spotlight: The Hunter 

The Dark Eye: 

  • Gods of Aventuria crowdfunding has been given a date: July 21st – August 11th 
  • The crowdfunding is for the Gods of Aventuria book and the Theater Knights campaign books 4-6. 
  • The Book of Heroes Computer RPG is out! 
  • Streams 

Fading Suns:  

  • Late Pledge for Fading Suns just ended. 
  • We have word that we’re hoping to get the final PDFs are scheduled for the end of June! 
  • Streams 
    • Tonight GM JM Defoggi and his crew play Fading Suns at 5:30pm Pacific time on Twitch. The new arc is called: Curse of the Abandoned. 
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg continued their Heretical Musings show. The next episode is next week and continues every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 2pm pacific.  

Torg Eternity:  

  • Introducing Greg Gorden, Line Developer for Torg Eternity. Past writing Credits include: Original Torg, Star Wars: WEG, DC Heroes, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Castle Greyhawk), D&D 4th edition DMG, Earthdawn, D&D 3.5 Elder Evils, Star Wars: FFG 


  • Welcome Greg! 
  • Torg Eternity Cyberpapcy physical products should start shipping in two weeks !
    • Once the backers have their content shipped we’ll open up purchase for the general public of both physical and PDF products. 
  • The second Tharkold preview is up 
  • Torg Eternity Tharkold Crowdfunding: June 23rd– July 14th 
  • Stay at Home and Play Torg Eternity: A new campaign to help you pass the time and learn a new game while you’re at home.  
    • It features a brand new Torg Eternity Quickstart called Up the Creek. The quickstart is a 1 hour demo and includes pregenerated characters, a map, and monster blips. 
    • We recently added the Day 1 Adventures and GM screen and archteypes as Pay What you Want. 
    • The article is at Ulisses-us.com. http://ulisses-us.com/stay-at-home-and-play-torg-eternity/ 
  • Streams 

 Guest Outro: Greg where can we find you online? 

@GregGorden1 on twitter