Ulisses Worlds 5/28 with Tajo Fittkau

Episode 5 for the week of May 28th. We have several announcements today! Dive in and see what we’re up to with special guest, Tajo Fittkau, The Dark Eye English language Line Developer.

Episode 5 Tajo Fittkau:


  • Origins has been delayed until later in the year October 7-11, but they’re throwing Origins Online June 19-21st. If you’re interested in running any of our games please send us an email to Contact@ulisses-spiele.com
  • Ulisses Online Convention July 24th-26th
    • We have been thinking for a long time about how we can create an online convention that deserves the name Ulisses and meets our requirements.
    • July 24-26th brings Ulisses Online Convention.
    • Together with our German colleagues will work together to create a continuous convention experience for the entire weekend.
    • The whole thing will start on July 24th. at 9am Pacific with the German team and the official opening. At around 1 p.m. pacific the German team will hand off to the American team to continue the fun. On the morning of July 25th the German team takes over again and so forth. You read that right. The Ulisses Online Convention will offer you events around the clock.
    • The streaming program will run on our Twitch channel. A Discord server will be spun up for the RPG sessions.
    • As is usual for our conventions, there will be an information desk for the Ulisses Online Convention, which will be available 24 hours a day if you have any questions. Both the American and the German teams will answer questions in both German and English.
    • But that’s not all. To help you get the convention experience at home, you can order a convention package from us on our ounline shop next week.
      • The Ulisses Online Con package includes
        • a convention cup,
        • convention dice,
        • a convention t-shirt,
        • program booklet
        • and this year’s Heroic Work adventure for The Dark Eye “Change in Chaos”.
      • Information about the exact program and our international guests appearances on livestreams will follow in the next few days and weeks.
      • We look forward to a wonderful Ulisses Online Convention. Together, with you, we let the dragon fly.
    • GenCon is has been cancelled, but they’re doing a GenConOnline on the same dates (July 30th-August 2nd)

Torg Eternity:

  • Torg Eternity Cyberpapcy PDFs were released this week. So backers check your email for an email from DriveThruRPG.
  • Starting next Monday we’ll begin putting out previews for Tharkold on the website, so watch for those!
  • Stay at Home and Play Torg Eternity: A new campaign to help you pass the time and learn a new game while you’re at home.
    • It features a brand new Torg Eternity Quickstart called Up the Creek. The quickstart is a 1 hour demo and includes pregenerated characters, a map, and monster blips.
    • We recently added the Day 1 Adventures and GM screen and archteypes as Pay What you Want.
    • The article is at Ulisses-us.com. http://ulisses-us.com/stay-at-home-and-play-torg-eternity/
  • The Torg Infiniverse Exchange Illustrations pack has been updated and you can now get Cyberpapcy and Nile Empire images for use in your community content products.
  • Streams
    • New stream, The Four Horsemen Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific on Twitch followed up by upload to Youtube. You can get Session 0, ep 1, 2, & 3. This game is GMs by JM DeFoggi and features Ross Watson, a Torg Eternity designer as a player!
    • Robert did a walkthrough of The Living Land adventure from the Day 1 adventures book.

Fading Suns:

  • Late Pledge for Fading Suns is now open on GameOnTabletop. If you missed the Fading Suns or want to add more to your KS pledge you can!
  • Streams
    • Tonight GM JM Defoggi and his crew play Fading Suns at 5:30pm Pacific time on Twitch. Curse of the Abandoned – Part 2 – The group finds themselves in the fighting pits of New Phoenicia. Will they find the information they are looking for, or will their quest end under the fists and blades of the Hesparians?
    • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg continued their Heretical Musings show yesterday and it will continue every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 2pm pacific. The next show is next week.


  • The next wave of English-language expansions is in editing. We’ll have more information about those soon!
  • Streams
    • On Saturday’s we’ve been uploading videos of Eric Simon playing solo adventures at 11am pacific

Myth: Tales of Legend:

  • Streams
    • Ross and JM are hosting a Campfire Chat every Thursday at 11am pacific, where they talk about all aspects of the game. They alternate, one week it’s rules and mechanics the next it’s story and setting topics.
    • Today’s show is about the ins and outs of Combat and next week will be a lore show about Blackwall.

Myth: Dawn of Heroes

  • We’ll have more articles about Myth Dawn of Heroes up tomorrow. You can catch last weeks article on the Acolyte up on the website and Youtube.
  • Streams
    • This section of Eric’s video will go up as its own stream as well.

The Dark Eye:

  • Gods of Aventuria update: We have Tajo Fittkau
  • Questions for Tajo
    • What’s your experience with TDE?
    • How did you get into working on TDE?
    • What will GoA bring to the game? (The coverage of the new Gods)
      • What are the new Professions that are covered?
    • What will follow the release of GoA?
    • How does it go from there?
    • When does the crowdfunding start?
      • July 21st-August 11th on GameOnTabletop
  • Stay At Home and Play the Dark Eye has ended, but there are still resources available at Ulisses-us.com: http://ulisses-us.com/stay-home-and-play-the-dark-eye/
  • There have been more character creation and trailer videos for Book of Heroes a computer RPG for The Dark Eye, coming out next month https://wildriver.games
  • No update, but restate Streams
    • There are a bunch of The Dark Eye streams available on our Youtube Channel.