Ulisses Worlds 5/14 with Darrell Hayhurst

Today was our third episode of Ulisses Worlds, a news show about all things Ulisses. Timothy Brown our Studio Director and Robert Adducci our Community and Social Media Manager talk about what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed in the future. This week features special guest Darrell Hayhurst, he talks about Torg Eternity and what he’s working on lately….Space 1889.

You can watch the show live on Thursdays at 9am Pacific on Twitch. Then video on demand on Youtube.


Sorry for the sound issue, fast forward to 8:28 for the full sound

Episode 3  5/14/2020 Darrell Hayhurst: 

Chat Topics: 

  • We have a new Stay at Home and PlaTorg Eternity campaign that’s similar to what we did for the Dark Eye. We’ll talk about that later in the show, which also ties in with our special guest. 
  • Conventions 
    • A lot of conventions are going online in recent days.  
    • TableTop Events Con of Champions is this weekend May 23-25th. We’re offering PDFs of some of our games to all participants and even more for those who run our games. Registration for games is open https://tabletop.events/conventions/con-of-champions 
    • Origins has been delayed until later in the year October 7-11, but they’re throwing Origins Online June 19-21st. If you’re interested in running any of our games please send us an email to Contact@ulisses-spiele.com
  • GenCon is still up in the air, there hasn’t been a confirmation either way, so we’re all waiting. 
    • For GenCon we were planning Myth Dawn of Heroes playtests and Myth Tales of Legend content as well. Regardless of whether GenCon happens, we’ll be sure to get those play opportunities to you, virtually if we have to! 

The Dark Eye: 

  • The Magic of Aventuria physical products are in the warehouse and are for sale on the Ulisses website at Ulisses-us.com You can also get the PDFs at DriveThruRPG.com 
  • Stay At Home and Play the Dark Eye has ended, but there are still resources available at Ulisses-us.com: http://ulisses-us.com/stay-home-and-play-the-dark-eye/ 
  • Play it Forward campaign: Through May 17th all Scriptorium Aventuris creators get 100% royalty rate on DriveThruRPG and all products are 20% off! OBS and Ulisses have given up their percentage to give to the creators.  
  • The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes CRPG https://wildriver.games 
  • Regarding Gods of Aventuria On our Discord Tajo stated: Work is (finally) progressing very well at the moment. We will not make an announcement of a date until we reach a specific point in the process. 
  • Streams 

Fading Suns:  

  • If you’re a backer there is an update with the PDF manuscripts for review. If you’ve found any typos please let us know in the update comments. 
  • Admiral Nelson, a fan on Discord was given an early view of the character sheet for Roll20! 
  • Print Friendly Character sheet at Ulisses-us.com/download 
  • Streams 
  • Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg continued their Heretical Musings show on Tuesday at 2pm pacific and it will continue every 2 weeks.  


  • No update, but restate We have the full complement of Aventuria products on our store at Ulisses-us.com. The core-set and all the expansions. 
  • No update, but restate Tabletop Simulator Mod is available on Steam 
  • Streams 
  • On Saturday’s we’ve been uploading videos of Eric Simon playing solo adventures. This week he tackles Tears of Fire redux on Saturday at 11am pacific! We say redux because things did not go well for Eric last time, so he’s having another go at it! 


Myth: Dawn of Heroes 

  • Eric Simon, the line developer is working on a series of web articles and short videos on some details about the upcoming Myth: Dawn of Heroes game. The first series is next week and is spotlighting the Acolyte. 
  • A fan Grimzin has made a great Tabletop Simulator mod for Classic Myth. You can check that out in the mods section for TTS on Steam. 
  • Streams 

Myth: Tales of Legend: 

  • Streams 
    • Ross and JM are hosting a Campfire Chat every Thursday at 11am pacific, where they talk about all aspects of the game. They alternate, one week it’s rules and mechanics the next it’s story and setting topics. This week, just earlier today was about the the Campfire mechanics. 


Torg Eternity:  

    • It features a brand new Torg Eternity Quickstart called Up the Creek. The quickstart is a 1 hour demo and includes pregenerated characters, a map, and monster blips. 
    • Part of the initiative to get people playing Torg is to offer the PDF of the Drama Deck on a Pay What you Want basis from DriveThruRPG. 
    • We also offered a Possibility Token image to be used on Virtual Tabletops.  
    • With the Adventure, Drama Deck and Possibility Token, you just need dice! 
    • Even if you don’t have dice you can play with virtual dice. In the article we give some resources to play online using Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. 
      • For Roll20 we highlight the community character sheet for Torg Eternity and the Drama Deck, available in the Roll20 marketplace. 
      • For Fantasy Grounds we link to the fanmade extension to play Torg Eternity. 
    • In addition to the Up the Creek quickstart and Drama Deck we highlight more Pay What you Want content including several adventures from prior GenCons and the original quickstart 
    •  as well as content from The Infiniverse Exchange, our Community Content Program for Torg Eternity that allows fans to make their own content and sell it.  
    • Many fans put their content up for Pay What You Want, there are a bunch of adventures and new cards of all sorts up there. 
  • We just got word that the Cyberpapcy PDFs should be out to backers next week! And the physical products sometime to follow. We’re still dealing with delays related to COVID-19 across our production systems, but will get them out to backers as soon as possible! 
  • All of the Aylse products are now available for purchase on the Ulisses website at Ulisses-us.com You can also get the PDFs at DriveThruRPG.com 
  • The next Torg crowdfunding is Tharkold, the dates are still nebulous but we’re looking at the next couple of months. 
  • After that, later in the year or early next year we’ll head to Orrorsh! 
  • Streams 
    • New stream, The Four Horsemen Every Tuesday at 5:30 Pacific on Twitch followed up by upload to Youtube. You can get Session 0, ep 1 & 2 out now. This game is GMs by JM DeFoggi and features Ross Watson, a Torg Eternity designer as a player! 
    • Robert did a walkthrough of The Up the Creek Quickstart. We got through scene one which included details on how to perform the usual mechanics of checks and combat. We’ll get through the next two parts Tomorrow at 11am Pacifict time on the Ulisses International Twitch channel. 

Darrell Intro 

Robert: As I was walking through the Up the Creek quickstart I read the by lines and Darrell Hayhurst created it. It’s our pleasure to introduce Darrell Hayhurst as today’s guest! 

Welcome Darrell! 

Darrell has worked on Savage Worlds: Codex InfernusSavage Rifts, Amp Year 3, and for Ulisses Spiele:  Wrath & Glory and far too many Torg Eternity products to list since he was the Line Developer for quite a while. 

Space 1889/Torg 

Torg: Tell us about the Up the Creek Quickstart 

  • How did it come to be? 
  • What were your goals with it? 
  • Did you succeed? 
  • Tell us about a time you ran it and the players did something completely off the wall! 

Torgwhat’cha working on (right now)? 

1889: Nowadays you’ve stepped back from Torg Eternity to work on another project, Space 1889.  

  • What is Space 1889 about? 
  • What are the major tropes? 
  • Tim knows a little about Space 1889, what was your involvement in the prior incarnation Tim? 
  • What drew you to the project Darrell? 
  • What are some of your inspirations? 
  • What is the most comment impetus for player characters? What are they doing in the game? 
  • As a GM what kinds of stories can you create in Space 1889? 
  • What about the game system? 
  • what’cha working on (right now)?