Torg Eternity Preview #11 – Combat Options and Vehicles

This week we go more in depth into some of the details of combat, including combat options and vehicles.

Multi-Targeting and Combined Actions

As in Original Torg, a single character can attack multiple opponents (called Multi-Targeting) by taking a penalty based on the number of targets (the penalty applies equally to each target). Several characters can make a Combined Action to improve their chances of hitting (or just to make combat go faster) and get a bonus depending on the number of participants.

Rapid Fire and Full Auto

Many firearms are capable of Rapid Fire or Full Auto. Rapid Fire gives a character a +2 bonus to hit, at the cost of 3 bullets per target, so the ammo capacity determines the maximum number of targets a character can shoot with one action. Reloading takes another action. However, the Mishap range increases to 1-2, and on a Mishap a Malfunction occurs, meaning the gun jams. Fixing the Malfunction takes an action.

Full Auto is similar to Rapid Fire but the bonus increases to +4, for the cost of 7 bullets per target, and increasing the Mishap range to 1-4.

Remember that when a player rolls a Mishap, all of the effects triggered by a Mishap happen, including disconnection if applicable.

Called Shots

You can make a Called Shot to try to hit a body part that isn’t covered by armor, with a -2 penalty to hit a limb, or -4 to hit a small target like the head. If the target is a vital area like the head, the Called Shot is also a Vital Blow and gets a +4 bonus to damage.

Firearms in Close Combat

There are some changes to fighting with guns in close combat. First, there is no longer a minimum +1 bonus to firing ranged weapons at ‘point blank range’. Second, you cannot use any firearms in close combat, unless they’re pistols.

Area of Effect Attacks

Although miniatures can be used in Torg Eternity, we’ve designed the game so that they aren’t required. This is most seen in the Area of Effect attacks. Each Area of Effect attack has a specified Burst Radius that determines the number of targets that can be affected by the attack (e.g. a grenade has a Medium Burst Radius and can affect five targets). Multi-Targeting penalties don’t apply.

The GM can modify this number for circumstances, such as a closely packed horde of gospog or an infantry unit intentionally spreading itself out over a large area to avoid being taken out wholesale. In addition, ‘sniping’ single characters while taking out a bunch of mooks is usually not possible…you’re either going for Wu Han or his minions, but unless he’s mixed in the middle of them, not both.

Additional Combat Options

Many of the combat options available in Original Torg are still provided in Torg Eternity including:

  • Aim: Sacrifice a turn to get a significant bonus to hit. There is a Sniper Perk that improves this option by also giving you a bonus die of damage which stacks with the normal bonus dice from a Good or Outstanding hit.
  • All Out Attack: The character gets a significant bonus to the attack roll, but is then Vulnerable.
  • Shotguns: these weapons get a bonus to hit at short range, but a penalty at long range.
  • Suppressive Fire: Use Rapid Fire or Full Auto as an intimidation attack.


In addition to chases, vehicles can be involved directly in combat. Stunts are interaction attacks between vehicles akin to maneuver attacks, and are Approved Actions whenever Maneuver is listed. The stunt is resolved the same way as a maneuver attack, just with the appropriate vehicle skill. On a Mishap, the vehicle may crash.

A vehicle defends against a physical attack using the base of the vehicle’s speed value, plus a Maneuver Rating, plus the driver’s vehicle skill. The MR generally runs from -4 (e.g. a Tiger tank) to +4 (e.g. the high-tech Ishido Special bike).  Vehicle damage is resolved in the same way as damage against people.  Called Shots allow you to target the vehicle’s engine, tires, or passengers (if they can be seen). If the vehicle is enclosed, any Shock applied against the vehicle gets applied as well to the passengers (though they don’t take any Wounds).

The passengers will take significant damage if the vehicle crashes, of course.

Heavy weapons are usually used to attack vehicles, and save for a few exceptions, they are usually vehicle mounted. Weapons like Stinger missiles require the shooter to spend a round Aiming first before firing.

Do You Want to Know More?

That pretty much sums up most of the elements about combat in Torg Eternity, but if you have questions, just head over to the forums and ask away!