Torg Eternity: Orrorsh Crowdfunding is Live!

Understanding The Gaunt Man is a pathway to madness and annihilation. He wants his enemies to try, to delve deep into dark places of the soul that no hero returns from. Understanding is a trap.

Gaea is not the Gaunt Man’s original reality. Orrorsh has conquered countless other cosms. The exhausted remains of a few of these conquered realms still exist as dead universes—empty shells lacking light or life or stories. The dead on these worlds still move and hunger, at least until the entire framework collapses into nothingness.

Orrorsh is the cosm of Victorian horror for Torg Eternity crowfunding now on GameOnTabletop

Even for Storm Knights used to shifting realities, there are still nightmares left to discover…

  • Navigate the occult mysteries of Orrorsh
  • Arm yourself with new Perks, Spells, and Gear
  • Face haunting terrors that seem impossible to destroy
  • Investigate the Gaunt Man’s devastating plans for Earth
  • Avoid Corruption…if you can

Descend into the uncanny darkness of Orrorsh!