Torg Eternity Cosm Cards Samples

One of the newest pieces of the Torg Eternity design is the addition of the Cosm Decks. These decks help reinforce the World Laws of each cosm, but they put more of the narrative control into the players’ hands.

Darrell and Ross recently had a conversation about the design philosophy behind this new approach. Take a look:

Backers of the Torg Eternity Kickstarter have had a chance to try out these cards, but we also want to share a few of them with the general public. Here is a sample of one card from each cosm, accompanied by a first public look at the card backs!

In order, those cosms are Aysle, Core Earth, Cyberpapacy, Living Land, Nile Empire, Orrorsh, Pan Pacifica, and Tharkold.