The Near Now Approaches

The Torg Eternity Kickstarter launches in two days!

Near Now News Service Launches

There are stirrings of strange things happening around the world, and Near Now News is there!

Religious resurgence in Paris, eerie disturbances in Mumbai, unexplained sandstorms in Cairo – these events are not being reported by mainstream, network media. If you want to know the hidden truth behind these things and more, you need to start following Near Now News!

Find us on Twitter @NearNowNews

Print Editions

For those backers who want to purchase the print book, there will be three editions for you to choose from.

The regular hardcover edition includes our fantastic cover art, so it is a fine choice already. Or you can upgrade your Torg Eternity rulebook to the blue leatherette Deluxe Edition or the incredible Limited Edition, a hand-bound, hand-embossed real red leather version!

Mockup – Design not final

The Deluxe Edition will continue to be available through retail and direct order, while the Limited Edition is Kickstarter-only. Both the Deluxe and the Limited Editions are embossed with the Delphi Council logo.

All three editions are available with any of the physical reward levels. If you want the regular hardcover edition, simply pledge the normal amount for that reward level. If you want to upgrade, you can add $25 for the blue Deluxe Edition or $50 for the red Limited Edition.

Start planning now!