The Dark Eye – Legacy of the Theater Knights Announcement

Bornland is not merely a former province of the Middenrealm. It was in days past the home of the famous Order of the Theater Knights. Today, little remains of the Order’s many towers and guard posts, but rumors say the knights’ legendary treasure and knowledge await rediscovery in the forests, rivers, and hills of the Bornish wilderness.

Welcome to the Legacy of the Theater Knights, one of the items included in the upcoming Aventuria Magic Kickstarter. This invaluable GM sourcebook expands upon the epic Theater Knights campaign, describing the region and its inhabitants in greater detail and providing tools to create exciting new encounters.

This 48-page product is not new to the English edition of The Dark Eye, but its format is. This was formerly the sourcebook that accompanied the Theater Knights-themed gamemaster screen in the German edition, and we are instead releasing it as a stand-alone product for your convenience.

Be warned that the book contains significant spoilers for the Theater Knights campaign. But we wanted to make it available to anyone running those adventures as we enter the final stretch. And of course, it’s a great way to keep up on current Aventurian events if you don’t mind knowing things in advance!

Legacy of the Theater Knights will be included with every reward level in the upcoming Aventuria Magic Kickstarter, launching very soon!

Keep watching here for more information about this book and all the other rewards available in Aventuria Magic Kickstarter!