The Dark Eye – Aventuria Magic Announcement

Let us begin by discussing spellcasters beyond the walls of our academy. We know quite well that no other tradition devotes as much time to magical research. Even so, we should not assume we alone can develop new magical formulae…

-excerpt from a lecture by Magister Xaron Mendurian of Punin, delivered at the Academia Arcomagica Scholaque Arcania Puniniensis

Expand your magical repertoire with new Traditions, spells, and enchantments! Nearly two dozen profession packages expand options for starting characters, and new focus rules for spell workshops allow mages to develop new and exciting spell effects!

This supplement of new, advanced, and optional rules spans many forms of Aventurian magic. We introduce several new Traditions, including the special abilities and rules for each. These include magical dancers and magical bards, who produce magical effects via special dances and songs; illusionists, whom some call stage magicians; and magical dilettantes, the best-known types of which are the intuitive mage and the savant.