Tharkold Preview #7 – Perks

Tharkold Preview #7 – Perks

Today we take a look at what new Perks will be available for Tharkold characters.

Art by Sam Denmark

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Like other sourcebooks, the Tharkold Sourcebook includes many new Perks to flesh out your Tharkold characters (as well as characters from other cosms).  These include Aspirant and Race Perks, for emphasizing the racial aspects of those characters, as well as new Spellcraft Perks and Psionic Perks.

New Prowess Perks include Drive Offensively, which enhances a character’s ramming abilities, or Demon Bane, which grants re-rolls of 1s against demons of any type.

Occultech comes with two new Perks, Scrounged Implants which can allow non-natives to get Occultech, and Cyborg which grants a lot of Occultech, but at a social cost.

Finally, two new Perk categories are introduced: Depravity Perks which are supported by Tharkold’s World Laws and involve the resistance and inflicting of pain, and the Abomination category, which only has one Perk, but one with a lot of options:

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