Pan-Pacifica Preview #4 – Power Suits

This week we take a look at a Pan-Pacifica’s power suits: high tech armor which come in a variety of styles and aesthetics. Power suits come from a variety of influences, including the Expanse and many anime series.

Art by Don Tantiado and Unique Soparie

Power Suits

Different manufacturers have different aesthetics, some more pragmatic and some designed around historical styles of different nations. Some are made up of hard armor shells while others use flexible, “softsuit” polymer armor. The common elements among these advanced military armors may be summed up by the descriptive term “power suit.”

These high-tech armored suits are packed with combat-related advantages based on the manufacturer and the customization choices of the owner.

Over time, a Storm Knight equipped with a power suit can refine it to create a suit of armor which acts as an extension of their bodies and their skill sets, making them unparalleled tools of personal combat.

All manufacturers include a biometric locking system which deactivates the suit’s power supply if the pilot is not its registered user.

Power suits have retractable helmets which can be raised or lowered as a simple action. Weapons require the use of hands as normal, unless the power suit is upgraded with integrated weapons. Integrated weapons cannot be disarmed under most circumstances.

Power Suit Perk

Storm Knights can acquire a power suit by selecting the Power Suit Perk:


Art by Don Tantiado and Unique Soparie

Six manufacturers are detailed in the Pan-Pacifica Sourcebook, and each has a set Armor Bonus, Max Dex, and other abilities. Anyong Security provides flight, while Patriot Arms ignores the Bulky trait on firearms and energy weapons.  The The Ion Gosuku worn by Electric Samurai are another type of power suit, which is based on those manufactured by Kanawa Corporation.


Finally, a Storm Knight’s power suit can be modified and upgrade in a variety of ways by making additional selections of the Power Suit Perk. Enhancements are usually restricted to certain manufacturers, and include:

Coming Soon!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be highlighting different parts of the upcoming products for Pan-Pacifica including new Perks, psionic powers, miracles, and Threats. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this preview, head on over to the Ulisses Spiele Discord server!